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Twism86 02-19-2013 10:45 AM

FHBH Barrel Saddle

So im new to this forum and im trying to help a friend find a good saddle for her mare. I currently know very little, as I just started riding a friends horse (wish to get one someday when I can). I figured a forum would be a good place for advice, so heres what she is looking for:

She has a 6 y/o mare appendix that has been hard to get a good fitting saddle on. She wants a barrel saddle and most likely needs full quarter horse bars and a wide (7'' at least) gullet. Her horse doesnt seem big, as she is on the smaller side for an appendix but reqular QHB or SQHB saddles are just too tight. Not really interested in a tree-less or flex tree saddles.

Our search for a FQHB 16" saddle has turned up empty. We are in New Jersey so anything helpful around this area would be great, or even a source for a quality custom saddle would be good too. Thanks!


Twism86 02-19-2013 10:48 AM

Ok, before I get made fun of too much, I realize I totally messed up the thread title, was going for FQHB...... :oops: Bad typo....

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