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lope 02-19-2013 11:08 AM

Reining Tack
Ive just started doing the reining. I show in Western Pleasure and All-Around, and I ride in Blue Ribbon saddles. I was wondering what good brands of reining saddles there are. I would like something similar to the quality of a blue ribbon or Harris show saddle. I was also wondering what good brands there were for splint boots, skid boots and things like that were! Also, could i wear a horsemanship shirt (like one that Lindsey James made) or should i wear a button down? Thanks!

franknbeans 02-20-2013 08:27 AM

I can only speak to what we do in the Northeast.....I have no idea if it varies at all from coast to coast. You will find that there is generally much less bling in reining. So, many of us wear a nice western shirt, matched to our Yucca Flats (the BEST) saddle blanket, and jeans. Nice chaps are fine also. Some feel that a little bling or fancier shirt is fine, once it is "earned". Boots-square toe only. Hat with Quarter horse crease. Saddles-seem to vary by trainer preference, but Bob's custom are probably the most widely used. Jim Taylor are also nice saddles, as are Leddys (VERY nice quality and very plain) and Sean Ryon. Very little silver on the headstall generally, and Tom Balding Bits.........

As afar as boots-many I know use the Professional Choice SMB's, and leather skids with buckles-not velcro. THey wear better.

Good luck!

MangoRoX87 02-27-2013 10:29 PM

I like Classic Equine sport boots because of that little Kevlar or whatever patch. Sliders are sharp, and though I highly doubt it would happen, I want that wee bit of extra protection. Bell boots! I rather like the look of white polos.

I like Bob's saddles *drool* but I'm going to be getting a used Circle Y.

Go for a plain, clean look. Solid button up to match your pad, super clean and oiled EVERYTHING. Coordinated hat, chaps, boots and belt color. Maybe a silver buckle on your headstall, but it shouldn't upstage your saddle.

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