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ThePaintGirl 02-19-2013 07:42 PM

Moving Hindquarters
Hi all!
So today was freezing and I didn't feel like saddling up my horses so I played with ground work.

My mare walked, trotted, and loped on the lunge. Moved shoulders and backed up. I was leading her at the walk, stopped, and then I started backing up and she backed up with me. And she side passed as well.

The problem Im having is when I ask her to move her hindquarters she will first move her shoulders in, and then move her hindquarters out. What can I do so she will just move her hindquarters?


Army wife 02-21-2013 06:48 AM

Check your body language first.

gypsygirl 02-21-2013 09:32 AM

what are you doing to ask her to move her HQ ?

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