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Moxie 09-30-2008 10:01 PM

Just Thinking About Him

Alright, sorry for the poor pic quality, I know they aren't the best. Some of them were taken today, and some were taken a few weeks ago.

This is Junior, a lesson horse out at the stable I ride at. I have ridden him twice. The first time was alright, except that he has a habit of just stopping. I rode him today on the trail, and he was PERFECT! I had such a great time. I even rode him for a good 30 minutes after the trail ride in the arena. He is so smooth, and nice, much nicer compared to Fritz. Oh, and on a side note, Fritz IS being sold. As long as the vet check goes alright the check will be cut this week.

Anyway, a little about Junior he is a 5 year old reg. QH. He neck reins, is spur trained and is trained in western pleasure. Like I said before I've been on him a time or two, and have liked what I've seen thus far, except for the little "stop when ever I want" habit he has.

My trainer can get on him and let me tell you, that horse goes! He's almost push button, he does exactly what she wants, I was in awe when I saw her ride him around the arena a few weeks back. Junior was so nice, smooth collected (to the untrained eye). I have a lesson set up next tues, I should be able to get some video of him then.

I kind of have to jump on the deal tho because there are other people interested in him, they were out looking at him and 3 other horses just yesterday.

And because I already have a relationship with this barn, I am hoping to see if I cant get a deal like offer more than the asking price and get board for a year, with the condition of me working out at the barn. I dont know, just something I'd have to think about.

Anyway, tell me what you think?

FGRanch 09-30-2008 10:51 PM

I really like the look of him. How tall is he? I would love to see a vid of you riding him.

geewillikers 10-01-2008 12:15 AM

What's spur trained?

kitten_Val 10-01-2008 06:45 AM

He's cute. It's hard to judge from the pics, but on first 2 he stands very funny on front legs: like they cross.

Moxie 10-01-2008 08:35 AM


We're not for sure, but we think he's about 15.2hh. Although getting off of him yesterday, I swore he was about 17 lol. I got off of him bull-legged after our ride yesterday lol.


I'm not really sure exactly what spur trained is, but I assume, and from what I've seen, he responds better to spurs, than just using your heels. I can get on him in the arena, walk for a min, and then he stops. When my trainer was on him, with spurs, there was none of that, and if he needed a little encouragement, all she needed to do is lightly tap the spur to his side, and he was off again.

I actually bought a crop yesterday because I cant ride him in spurs, but never needed to use it because he was great out on the trail, but when I got back into the arena and worked a bit, he was a little more fussy.


I'm not sure about his legs. Riding him is fine, he's nice and smooth. It could be the picture angle. My husband took the pics and he didnt really know what he was doing. I should have more pics and a vid next week.

farmpony84 10-01-2008 09:45 AM

he's really cute!

spur trained I'm assuming is the same as spur broke (how i've heard it) which means the spurs are used for stopping and slowing instead of going... you kind of flap your fenders for the go.......

I'm not a good explainer...

geewillikers 10-01-2008 11:20 AM

Thanks for explaining...

Possibly he just knows how to respond to spurs :wink: Anyway, I think he's really cute.

.Delete. 10-02-2008 09:10 AM

Spur trained means when you squeeze with the spurs that horse should dead stop. The harder you squeeze the slower the horse goes. Beefy little fella, im inlove with his neck, it ties into his shoulder very nicely. cowhocked. Nice bulcky chest, decent rump. I really like him & his color.

Dumas'_Grrrl 10-02-2008 10:40 AM

My idea of spur trained is the same as Delete's. I really like him. I'd love to see some better pics and a video of the two of you.

He looks well built. I love them beefy horses!!! :D

I think the front legs thing is just the way he was standing when the photo was taken. I have a couple like that of my horses too.

Good Luck with this guy Mox. You'll have to keep up updated!

appylover31803 10-02-2008 11:31 AM

I thought for a second that he was Montana! :lol:

He is gorgeous :) I like him a lot :)

I think you would be able to work with Junior with the whole stopping thing. I'm sure he'll turn out to be a wonderful horse. :)

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