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OutOfTheLoop 02-19-2013 08:43 PM

New Babies are here! (chicken overload)
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So I decided that I was going to try to raise some chics again this year. I bought 6 last year, and was not very knowledgable, and 3 of them died within the first 4 days. One died of unknows cause in its coop when it was about 2 months old. One wandered out in the road and got smushed. That left me with my girl Waddles. Some of you may have red my other threads on her. She is a pet, almost like a lap dog lol. I love that chicken like I love my other animals, and would be devastated if anything happened to her. But I kinda feel as though she needs some friends.

Sunday was a busy day for us. I went to tsc and bought Waddles a new chicken coop. Her old one we made out of an old tree house, and chicken fence. It was decent, but not big enough for her, and she had no where to get out and move around. When I was there, I would let her into the dog pen, but it was on a hill, and there were openings, and I could never leave her alone in it.

We moved the dog pen, fixed it, and made it sturdy, then put the new coop inside of it. She can actually get on the ground now, it has nesting boxes and roost poles, things that her other coop didnt have. And Now that the kennel is safer, I can let her out, then go take care of horsey stuff, let her roam and scratch for a little while, then put her back up before I leave. I still do not trust leaving her out all day with me not there, but at least now I can get things done and let her have a bit more outside time.

The coop is supposed to house 2-4 hens, but with her being so big, she takes up the entire thing by herself lol. When the babies are ready to go out, we are going to build a ramp for the homeade coop, and put it in there as well.

Now for the babies! I think I am doing it right this time, or I hope so anyways. Instead of buying them at a few days old, and putting them in the coop like I did last time, they are in my kitchen under a heat lamp. I am going to keep them in there until they grow thier feathers, then put them with Waddles outside. I had to wash a few of thems behinds this afternoon, but they sat in my hand and let me do ti without a fuss.

I could sit and watch them for hours. I can already see thier different personalities, and it is amazing. I am hoping that they turn out to be as freindly as Waddles. They are not as loud as I thougt they would be once they settled down. They are red pullets, and they are suppsoed to be any one of four different breeds of red hens. Three of them have brown stripes/spots on thier head, one is way redder than the others, and two of them are just pale red. So I am thinking I have three different breeds. I have given three of them names. Mowhawk is one of the larger chics, and she has a very distinctive stripe on her head. Spot has the line, but it is broken up and looks like spots. Red is the one with the really red head, and she is also one of the smallest ones.

On to the pictures!

CLaPorte432 02-19-2013 09:00 PM

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Oh i would absolutely LOVE to get chickens! My dad says yes...Mom says she'll kick me out if i bring another animal onto the property!

They are so stinking cute!
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OutOfTheLoop 02-19-2013 09:02 PM

I never imagined when I bought the first batch that they would be so entertaining. You could always " find" some and accidently on purpose bring them home...
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Chevaux 02-19-2013 09:13 PM

I love that coop - I just showed my husband your pictures and now we are in discussions to replace our old warn out one.

OutOfTheLoop 02-19-2013 09:18 PM

Hobeslty, if I would have realized how small it was going to be in comparison to Waddles. i wouldn't have bought it. But it would be perfect for smaller birds. She's a Cornish Rock, and is huugge.
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Chevaux 02-19-2013 09:37 PM

P.S. to my previous post: Hubby innocently thought your rotti was a miniature horse at first glance.

OutOfTheLoop 02-19-2013 09:39 PM

Not a rotti.. that's the BO's labs. They are brothers. One black and one yellow. And yes, they are large enough to be rode!
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nvr2many 02-19-2013 09:39 PM

Oh yay! I get my 12 on April 6th. Ordered them the other day! We have three now so adding the herd :lol:

Animallover707 02-19-2013 10:23 PM

OMG im going to hatch some out this month i love chickens! I have about 35 right now, i sell the eggs to neighbors lol, everyone is always suprised when they come over and a bunch of chickens and pit bulls run up to them. One guy jumped right back in his truck lol. I love my free range hens and im hoping to get some Jersey giants, lol thanks for the post now im just gonna have to get some more chickens haha. :lol:
Here is a pic of one of my dogs and chicks, and idk wy but he kept trying to let them nurse off him, right after he was neutered LOL

OutOfTheLoop 02-19-2013 10:25 PM

I wish I could free range mine, but with the labs, and coyotes, I don't feel safe with them out running around.
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