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kiwi79 02-20-2013 10:44 PM

Cleaning your grazing muzzle
My little miniature mare has a Best Friend grazing muzzle which she wears on a daily basis whenever she is out with my gelding, guess I have had the muzzle for about a year now. I often give it a spray with the hose and clean out any built-up grass/dirt but never inspected it too closely. I had noticed that the hole had gotten larger over the months from getting worn down but overall it seemed to be holding up pretty well.

Yesterday when I took it off her I was cleaning the grass out of it and actually had a good look inside it. I had thought that the inner sides of the muzzle part had become smooth from getting worn but when I looked closer I realised it was this solid black build-up which I'd never noticed since the whole thing was black to begin with. I started scraping it off and I dont know what possessed me but I put my face right in there and had a good smell - pooowheeee!!!! For want of a better description it smelt like very strong dog sh*t and made me gag straight away.

I took it inside and scrubbed it all off (whilst gagging) but even once it was clean and dry it still stunk. I also noticed that the rubber had worn very thin on the bottom and wasnt far off breaking apart so I threw the whole thing away and brought a new one today. I feel awful that she has had to smell that terrible smell for so long although she seems rather unimpressed with the new muzzle as the hole is much smaller!
So anyone that has one maybe take a closer look at it, I dont recommend smelling it though.


walkinthewalk 02-21-2013 09:46 AM

I bring the grazing muzzles in every night to wash them.

In the kitchen sink. Hot water, Original Dawn dish soap, long handled scrub brush with a 2" round brush or whatever style of brush the Scrubee finds suitable:-)

Those that board, carry the needed cleaning supplies plus a gallon of hot water and a five gallon bucket to the barn. Rinse in cold water that night so the muzzle will be dry (or damp at the worst), the next morning.

That black stuff gathering inside the muzzle stands a good chance of being mold:-(

aldebono 02-21-2013 09:57 AM

What is it with those of us who feel the need to smell the mysterious thing we can't identify and then immediately regret it?

Dog toenails that got hung and then fell off... do yourself a favor and don't smell that.

kiwi79 02-23-2013 06:05 AM

Yup, I will certainly be cleaning the new one thoroughly on a regular basis. I think the build up was a combination of sweat, mud and probably horse manure as she has no issues with eating around my geldings droppings if there is some decent grass to be had. Yuck.

Aldebono - I totally agree! Hmm, whats that stuck to the bottom of my boot, yup do the sniff test and its definitely dog poo.

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