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speidel 02-21-2013 05:51 PM

mussle bulid up
i bought a brood mare back in november, shortly after i was put on complet bed rest and spent some time in the hospital. my doc said i can start riding agin in 3 weeks.
the mare i bought as i am told now was once a wondeful trail horse, but when they began breeding her they stoped working her. She was breed back to back, underfeed and left in a 12x16 pen for years. My husband has rode her twice for about ten minuets. She starts out well, but as soon as her mussles get tiered she acts up. There was a seventeen year old who wanted to take care of the horses as long as she could ride when she wanted, she was to ride my husbands mare and just work with the new mare, but when my husbands mare died in december she stoped walking and feeding my horses. I had to ask another border to feed mine, but he didnt have the time to walk her so she has been in a 36x36 pen with stall, without any real work. He would walk her to the arena and turn her loose for about an hour a day but she just stands at the gate.
She has bare minamal mussle in her back and rear, so thouse are the first i would start working I am looking at a every other day work out (mon/wes/friday/sun/tue/thurs/sat/monday) for the first few weeks but i was wondering if lunging her over ground poles in the round ring would be a good idea, and just builed up the work out time over the few weeks.
What are good indecaters that she has mussle to bare the lbs of a rider and saddle?
In the past when working with neglected horses after the helth issues were addresed they got put out to pasture with other horses and left to build mussle up that way. saddly i no longer live on 400 acers to let a horse roam.

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