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KANSAS_TWISTER 04-14-2007 11:36 PM

too many horses
between my husband, my daughter and i we have 6 horses.....and i have 1 border with 2's the thing, i'm the only one who rides, my daughter has no intrust in her horse, my husband is the same way sort of and i'm the one who mostley takes care of them.....watering,feeding grooming,vet care ...EVERY THING...out of 6 horses 3 are mine, 2 y o star (stud colt) 3 y o abby (stars half sister) and willa (star and abby's mom) i'd like to only keep abby and sell off star and willa but my husband wont let me sell them....i'm also a stay at home farm mom with 2 lttle boy under a year old, aslo lost my mom on april 1st and have not ridden since her death (just lost intrust).. how do i go about trying to convince my husband to sell of some of my horses???........don't get me wrong i love my horses but i just have toooooooooo many.

Friesian Mirror 04-15-2007 12:13 AM

Just show him your post :wink: I'm only 19 and I'm not married so I don't know if I can help or not. Can you sit him down and explain to him that it's just too much? Maybe if he pitches in, you could keep two? That way, he could keep his favorite and you would have less to do, and you both win. Why doesn't he want to sell any horses? Did he give you a reason?

KANSAS_TWISTER 04-15-2007 12:49 AM

he doesn't want to sell any horses because willa foaled a few weeks after she arived and she had no signs of being pregnant and that was abby ( i want to keep) and she was our first foal, willa he will not part with because he said it was a gift to me from him.....last time i don't kick or run away....she is totaly usless to me because i can't catch her at all and star was a unitended pregnancy

Friesian Mirror 04-15-2007 01:09 AM

Hmmm....lets see....Would it help you out any if he would help with the horses more? I know you said you weren't very interested in them right now, can you tell him you need a break? Perhaps he could deal with the horses and let you have just have Abby. That might give you time to rest and start to heal and to care for your kids, and you wouldn't have to worry with the rest of them. If that won't work, you like Abby the best right? Then she was your present, a very unexpected one, but still your present and you love her very much. I'm sure you also love her mother very much, but if you're tired and you can't deal with her right now, then it would be best if you sell her or take a break.

tumai 04-15-2007 08:38 PM

mmmmmm, I have a hubby who is a bit precious about the odd horse or two. Peaches came to us as a rescue horse...had been beaten severly by last male owner which is even funnier that those two should bond...peaches and me do not get along! any how it came time to rehome her and hubby packed a poo and I told him fine SHE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! and left it at that. I hand him the drench to do, He holds her when the farrier comes and when we all ride he rides her. Hubby is a good rider so is not worried that she is unschooled and enjoys the naughtiness :? Anyhow make those horses his responsibility! Ask him to come with you to groom and stuff. You may be able to recruit him to ride!

KANSAS_TWISTER 04-15-2007 09:54 PM

i wish that it was that easy.........ggrrrrrr......MEN!!!!......this after noon i walked past my kitchen window and looked out only to find that the horses we keep in the back pasture where grazzing in my back yard!!! i cought our big paint gelding and tried to lead the herd that way back to the pasture....didn't work........after a few choise words and threatening to get the winchester out we got the 6 horses back in to the pasture. now here's the catch....abbie is green broke, and my 2 border horses are ridable.....5 of our horses are mustangs that are untrainable..... ( my husband told me when we first bought them that he would brake them..... 4 years later there pasture pets!!!!!...yes very expensive pasture pet's .....i go through 1600 lbs of hay every 2 weeks at $70 u.s.d and and about $40 in a speacail blend of sweet feed i get my co op to mix for me....i have told him that i want to get rid of 5 horses and just keep abby and buy a horse that the family can enjoy....i just sick and tired of this .......i've gotten to the point where i just want to pack up and leave

tumai 04-15-2007 11:03 PM

Grrrrr he is naughty!!! 5 unbroken horses is alot to deal with! I hope he has the sense to do one at a time when he does get off his bottom to do it! Unbroken horses waiting there turn won't change if they are left in the paddock. I hope he is paying for their feed!!! Does he know this situation may cost him his marriage!!
He needs a kick in the pants and if I were you I would show him these posts....just because you have a growl and tell them off does'nt mean you don't love or respect them any less, if anything it means your in it for the long haul!

:evil: need to listen to your lady!! She's got a brand new baby and a young daughter if you havn't noticed duh! and all of these horse to boot...c'mon if you keep a couple you can do a really good job by them and sell the others and go on holiday with the money! :lol:

PS...I growl mine occasionally too and he growls me too! I love him dearly! I don't know if I have given you anything helpful but keep trying and keep chatting! I look forward to your next post. Tumai.

KANSAS_TWISTER 04-15-2007 11:23 PM

trust me i will show him.... it's also cowboy meet's the english ridder...he just doesn't do any thing any more...i've deside that i'm fencing off my front yard and putting abby and a yearling in so i don't have to mow it... i wanted to sell my stud colt who i have abaslotly no use for last year at a sale, he begged to keep him so i told him that he had to halter brake him by the time of the sale or i was shipping him to the not husband :D ...well it's been a year and that stud is still here (horse not husband). i feel really bad for these horses, i love them to death but i just don't want so many of them

tumai 04-16-2007 08:08 AM

:) Hee!Hee! Iv'e done that tooo! except I just let them loose Hee!hee! :) All I had to do was pik up poo and they did a good job.
I hear you gal your just trying to do the right thing by these horses and the sanctity of marriage is stronger than will come out on top everything intact! Keep talkin! Tumai.

BeautifulBay 04-16-2007 03:25 PM

It seems to me that if he has broken his promise to break/train the horses after all this time, then he has lost his say in whether or not you keep them. If he can't do his fair share of work ...and horses are a LOT of work, then he has forfeited his right to have much say....and that's that.

what could he do if you put them up for sale anyway and sold them? Perhaps if you run an ad, it may get his butt in gear and get hom working out there like he's supposed to! If not, bye bye horsies!

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