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WSArabians 02-22-2013 01:41 AM

Sibling Appreciation Thread
So I decided, seeing as how Family Day recently passed, I'd start a thread to show our appreciation for our ever loving *cough* siblings. :D

Mine is the AMAZING FGRanch, or Tiffanny.
Honestly, I couldn't ever ask for a better sister in the world! I don't know what I'd ever do without her. She's my heart and soul and I probably would be useless without her.

So, I thought I'd share a few memorable moments of ours, I'm sure she has some. If she's willing to admit she's my sister after this. :D
As some, or most, may know I was a bad car wreck and she took care of my boys (four legged) while I was in the hospital including getting the one stallion in for surgery and playing with his penis everyday. He still thanks her!
She is definitely the type of person that I talk to about absolutely anything. And vice versa, I think.

As a result of that car accident I broke my hip, leg, and arm so when I was finally released I was on a granny walker (yay!...)
So I was all dressed and hobbling my way out to the bar on my two wheeled walker through half a foot (okay..probably two inches) of snow when she comes running out the door with the other one.
She was running with it, out to meet me, and the particular one she had, had a basket at the bottom.
So, she's running down the driveway and I'm watching the screw fall loose the basket begin to drop and she's saying "Look Steff, if I can run with this, surely you can walk!"
And right as I was about to say something, the basket fell off and dug into the ground, and she flipped ass over tea kettle! I mean, I watched her fall for about five minutes and the look on her face as she figured out how she should land...LOL
I almost peed myself I laughed so hard!

ast year I had my gelding out (first time riding in the dark) and he was doing absolutely freaking fantastic.
So, we're about 2km from home and she looks back at me and says "I'm going to take a picture of Kita, okay?" So I'm all "Okay."
She's riding a horse that's been there, done that, had kids on her. Should be good.
Oh, hell no. That flash came on and slow, pokey Kita turned into a skitzofrenic reiner. She scared the **** out of my horse who also spins like a nutcase, and as I'm falling I look over and see Tiffanny falling the EXACT same way. I dumped my beer and lost my shades.
Thankfully her horse went one way and mine went the other so my horse called to her horse, who was in the process of booking it home, and stopped their mad dash for freedom. I've honestly never seen two horses spin around so quick - and it takes a lot to get me off!
Made it home without furthur incident but next time she asks a questions that ends in "okay?" I'm going to take her phone and run it over.

Or when she was riding this crazy Morgan who liked to toss his head right into the sky and ended up slamming into her face and gives her a bleeding nose. I'm laughing and she's "It's not #($&(#*&$ funny!!" which of course, makes me laugh even harder. Then she makes me stop at a church camp for kids and ask for ice, where again I'm mad to look like a jerk because he's looking at her bloody face and I can't quit laughing.

Or when the hosre she was riding went after another one and the girth strap broke and all of a sudden she was under neath the horse at a dead gallop. Scared the ever living bee-jesus out of me. I go to fly off my horse, get my leg stuck on the saddle horn, do a face plant, run over to her, rip my shirt off and plaster it on her bleeding face and I'm crying because she just got her head kicked in and she looks up and says "I don't want to be ******ed!!"

This is us, sitting on a ride at the Sundre Rodeo that made her say "Steff, I think I'm gonna puke" in a car that's flipping around all over the bloody place and I'm sitting there going "Oh, don't you dare! Don't you &^%^& dare!!" LOL

Us, entertaining me on a whim to go for a walk in the rain. LOL

I love ya, Tiff!!

Anyhow, in regards to the stallion that went in for surgery, she sent me her vet's number so I could send him a photo of his penis pre-second surgery. Well, if I didn't get the last two digits mixed up and ended up sending it to some random Sundre number. So I had a little fun, although they were sorta deadbeats. LOL

Anyhoo... She ows me big because I'm babysitting for a few days and her little two year old has liquids pouring out of BOTH ends, if you know what I mean. Totally the exact reason why my children all have four legs! LOL

Share your pictures and stories!!

Klassic Superstar 02-22-2013 02:27 AM

Too funny and how sweet! Lol

Foxhunter 02-22-2013 02:57 PM

My sister and I were chalk and cheese. As I am dark she is fair, as I was extrovert she was introvert, as I was confident she was shy.

She hated me as we were growing up. She was far closer to my cousin than me.

it was only when she went to work in Saudi Arabia that things changed between us. When she came home I would meet her at the airport, she would take my car and keep it for the duration she was home.
When she was getting married she was still in Saudi. I did all the wedding arrangements she wanted and then some. it was only after her big day did she realise just how much I had done for them both. My cousin had wanted to change everything little sis wanted so, had little to do with the arrangements.

When they were in Kuwait they lost everything due to the first Gulf War. They came home and started again. Just about got organised when sis was pregnant with her third baby my middle niece was diagnosed with leukaemia. That meant plans had to change. Two years of treatment, my eldest niece was with me all school holidays and many weekends if her sister was in hospital. Term time she was with out parents.

During all this time we grew closer. My sister had grown in confidence and her opinion on the important things in life changed.

We have had so many laughs together at good and bad, we live apart but are closer than when we were together.
Having her children around me so much was great, knowing I have played a part in their growing up to be good, polite and responsible adults is something I am proud of and grateful that I was allowed to be so close to all three.

Like AS I too have cleaned up both ends of sick nieces and nephew, not the best of jobs but, you have got to take the rough with the smooth!

My brother in law is great, he had developed the family warped sense of humour and is now more British than Canadian.

WSArabians 02-22-2013 03:14 PM

Wow, Foxhunter, you've guys have been through quite a bit!
Sometimes it's the hardest life events that really bring you to open your eyes and see what's important. :)
Thanks for sharing! :)

equiniphile 02-22-2013 03:22 PM

WSA, that last text is PRICELESS.

WSArabians 02-22-2013 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by equiniphile (Post 1907351)
WSA, that last text is PRICELESS.

I loved it! It took them hours to respond so I wasn't sure if it was real number or not. I laughed so hard I cried when they finally replied. LOL rofll: :rofl:

Foxhunter 02-22-2013 04:57 PM

WSA I think that humour in your family is similar to that in mine.
We are a family that sees the funny side of most things especially each other!Even when my niece was very ill my sister and I were always laughing and not just quiet giggles but really loud shrieks! Most people thought we were nuts but in the end they would be laughing too because laughter was genuine and it is infectious.

When times are hard laughter can get you through and look hard there is always something to make you laugh.

Most of sis and my messages would be deleted!

FGRanch 02-23-2013 12:22 PM

I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry more when I read this thread. Steff (WS Arabians) doesn't realize that she is the amazing sister and I'm just there pretending like I'm the good sister :-P When she had her car wreck, after she was staying awake for more than 30 seconds I wasn't sure if I should slap her for literally traumatizing me or hug her because she was going to be OK. You don't realize how much you take someone for granted until they are almost not there anymore. Steffannie I need you so don't you go falling asleep driving anymore!

But Steffannie, come one, you had to post one of our poop conversations?! Gesh you just have no shame.

And she forgot to mention that I did puke AFTER the ride, in front of everyone...

Does anyone else think it's strange how she finds so much humor in me getting hurt? :?

Here are some of my memorable moments with Steff;

This one day we were riding our first horses down the ditch ( I had the crazy gelding who smashed my face) and she was riding this awesome little mare that was pretty spooky though. I don't remember how it all started but we were working some desensitizing them and Steff when to touch her mare in the neck with her foot, well holy crap, the mare thought she has being a attacked by a monster. She didn't even hesitate just bolted, full speed, Steff with only one foot in the stirrup. Now that was funny, because she didn't get hurt!

Another time we were riding at the same pair down a back road when out walked the bush an innocent little cow, then 40 more. Well her horse didn't see it as innocent as we did, spun around and booked her for home, of course my horse was like "ZOMG There must be a monster...RUUUUN!" And followed right along, and once one horse is bolting and another follows it's not always so easy to stop them :shock:

We have had Soho many great times on our horses, jumping my mom's old gelding, Santos, over swather piles, riding them a ravine where we were so sure we had seen a mystery creature :-|, exploring haunted houses on horse back, racing around the local fair ground race track, to getting kicked in the head or being flipped over on.

Just last week we went out to check the horses with the dogs. A few minutes after visiting the broodies my dog comes up carrying a fresh skull, of course I panic, my husband says I invent stuff to panic about :lol:, and realize that I can't see the yearling's. So we jump on the snowmobile, head out to search for him, Steff with a broken hip and leg and finally found the crap head's at 3am with the herd hanging out, happily munching away. What other person with a broken leg, and hip goes out in arctic conditions to help someone find a horse lol

One of my favorite non horse moments was when she was doing her work practicum after college and I went to visit her, we went into town to grabbed some lunch. Pulled up the the drive through and sweet sounding young girl asks us what we would like we ask her to give us a minute and when we were ready we said a hello and a very deep husky east Indian male voice came over the intercom. Now I don't know if we had a lack of sleep or excited to see each other or what but there was no hope for us. We busted out laughing, bent over in our seats crying so hard we couldn't tell him our order. We can hear him laughing over the intercom which just makes our laughter even more hysterical, finally after 15 minute of gut busting, pant pissing laughter we finally were able to get out order out, then we went to the window to pay, saw him still laughing and it started all over again :lol:

It's a wonderful feeling knowing that I don't only have a fantastic sister but a best friend, I can turn to her for whatever. And I know I can depend on her, I can honestly say there isn't a single time that I have needed her that she wasn't able to be there. She goes above and beyond what anyone would expect anyone to do for them and has changed her own plans to suit me better! I love you, Steff. Thanks for being you!

FGRanch 02-23-2013 12:29 PM

Foxhunter what do you mean more British than Canadian?! :shock:

Your sister sounds like a tough cookie, glad that she has had you to help her along the way. I think I can speak for her and say that she appreciates it more than you will ever really know.

Foxhunter 02-23-2013 12:32 PM

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