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Klassic Superstar 02-22-2013 09:25 PM

Quick tips for jumping on my own
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Going to start working Oliver over poles and lower jumps soon onmy own in order toget him repared for some jump lessons and for the schooling show thats coming up on April 13th:D

I used to ride at a H/J barn for many years and feel stupid askingthese question but iv been out of the jumping world for a bit and just have been getting back into it.

Now oliver nad I have had corrcet (some) jump training this year and Really I just need to sit there and do nothing and he will go coorectly to it. I tend to fuss with his (NOT GOOD....for either of us!)

I would like to hear some good exerises to start him off on.

He is a small horse but can really trot out (without rnningon his face mock 10 :wink:) so what should I set my trot poles at?

How many feet apart do I need to set the jumps to make a good two stride bounce? This would be fro trotting in and cantering out.

Ilike to throw bending lines and leg yields in with my jump work (when not headed to a jump) to keep him round nad coming from behind and not just going round and round jump after jump.

I have attached a few photos from last spring when I jumped him as I do not have any from the last few jump lessons I have had with my trainer.

Things we have been working on this year (past summer and fall)

My lower leg
Not rushing
Staying straight
My core and shoulerds
My relase

Any advice would be great, Thanks!!!

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