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mistysms 02-24-2013 12:32 AM

Saddle fitting question?
I have a saddle and want to know if you guys think it fits or not. Before I go out and take 100 pictures and not have the ones you really need, I was wondering what pictures I should take? Me on her? Me off her? With a pad? Without a paddle? From the front? Back? Top? Cinched up or not? Please help so I can post the right pictures haha

mistysms 02-24-2013 12:34 AM

I forgot to say its a western saddle :)

SouthernTrails 02-24-2013 06:19 AM


Take pics without a pad and cinched, a view from the side and a view showing how the saddle fits in the front along the withers/shoulder area.


Hoof Prints on my Heart 02-24-2013 11:51 PM

This article from my blog on Evaluating Saddle Fit may help you.
To determine if a saddle fits your horse, complete the following steps.First, put the saddle on the horse without using a saddle pad and tighten the girth.Stand to the side and look at the saddles front-to-back balance on the horse.The middle, or deepest part of the seat, should be level and parallel to the ground with the cantle being level with or higher than the pommel.A saddle thatís too wide will sit low in front and a saddle thatís too narrow will tip back.

Second, be sure that the pommel does not touch or rub the horseís withers. Using a flat hand, slide your fingers underneath the pommel near the horseís withers. Your fingers should fit comfortable between the horse and the saddle.

Next, lift the flaps and feel the panels from front to back along the horseís back. The panels should touch the horse all the way down without any gas or bridging.

Finally, you should have someone sit in the saddle with his or her feet in the stirrups. The riders weight will lower the saddle on the horse so you should go through the first 3 steps again with the riderís weight in the saddle. The riders sitting space should be level, with the cantle still being level with or higher than the pommel. Check the clearance over the withers. The saddle should not be touching the withers. Slight bridging will usually disappear under a riderís weight. The saddle will initially appear to sit too high on the horse and the riderís weight will lower it considerably. Be sure to check the saddleís fit with a rider in the seat or after riding in it yourself.

One more thing you can do is to stand behind the horse and look through the saddle (between the underside of the saddle and the horseís back). If the saddle fits, you should see a tunnel of light shining through. If you donít see light, the saddle may be too snug. You will also need to make sure the saddle isnít too long on the horse. The seat panel should not reach past the main part of the horses back onto the loins.

Remember that the saddle is new and the flocking will compress slightly over the first month or two of riding. Expect to lose about 1 finger of space under the pommel so be sure to take this into account when checking under the pommel.

Never get a saddle that is too narrow and put shims under the cantle to balance it. This will rotate the saddle and push the tree points into the body of the horse. Many riders will buy a saddle that is a little too wide. This may help your horse move more freely. If you choose this route, you may need to shim in the front of the saddle to raise the pommel and balance the saddle.

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