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AriatChick772 02-24-2013 09:18 PM

weird horse anus?
This is such an odd topic I know, but we were bathing one of the geldings today and I noticed his anus looked... Crooked? I'll get photos tomorrow. Hopefully the vet will be able to make it out tomorrow instead of Tuesday.

It's almost like one side of his anus and the area around it is more sunken in than the other. It wasn't how he was standing because I checked it several different ways and it was still more sunken in on one side. Anyone have any clue? He's not sickly acting, his vitals are fine and he's showing no signs of lameness or soreness. He was just wormed yesterday, he's on a strict deworming schedule and rotational plan.
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MAG1723 02-24-2013 09:43 PM

Does it need a cleaning? My horse had that and I then figured out he was allergic to bees and he got stung down there. We cleaned it out and let it heal. It is way better now.

AriatChick772 02-24-2013 09:48 PM

Well he got cleaned really well today, didn't appear sore or irritated or anything? Hmm
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