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Corazon Lock 02-24-2013 11:39 PM

Ways to Pull in a Little Cash
I've been thinking today that I could use a little more income here and there. I'm a full time college student at the community college. I take 12 credit hours this semester.

Currently, I work at the local grocery store mainly cashiering, but I have been trained in almost every department, most commonly working produce when I'm not cashiering. I make $8/hr. Minimum wage is $7.25/hr. I'm fairly sure I'm at the top of the payscale there. Anyway, I get 22-28 hours a week. When I get done with college for the semester, I plan on trying to get full-time hours in the greenhouse. It's the most boring job ever but the only place there that I could get full-time. I've stuck with this job for 3 years and enjoy it. I am going off to university in the fall, so I feel like a change in job wouldn't really be helpful. Most places are paying minimum or a quarter above for starting rates - even at department stores, etc. So I'll take $8 over that!

What would be some other ways to pull in a little income? I don't think I could handle working a second job on top of everything else. I am going to go through my horse stuff and my personal stuff, trying to sell whatever I don't need and am not attached to (like the prom dress in my closet...). Any other creative ideas? I'm really good at speaking and writing - I'm a journalism major. Ideas?

alexischristina 02-25-2013 12:40 AM

Not necessarily a 'money maker' but try writing articles- random articles, short articles, anything really and sending them in. Some magazines / news letters / etc. will have prompts, and even if they DONT pay you, when you graduate you'll be able to put it on a resume and that looks lovely, doesn't it?
Enter writing contests! Again not a huge money maker, but a bit of a bonus to put in savings if you win (and again, looks awesome on a resume!)
A friend of mine sells weight loss smoothies... and another friend sells 'super juice', unlike cosmetics you don't have to buy a LOT and spend a lot, I know she makes some decent money if you have the patience to network.
Mystery Shopper? LOL, it sounds silly, but another friend does this. She said it takes a good four hours to sign up (why not many people do it) but she picks the restaurant 'missions', gets a meal that they pay for and $20 - $50 on top of it, depending.

tinyliny 02-25-2013 01:30 AM

house sitting or dog walking? works if you are in an urban area.

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