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drafts4ever 02-25-2013 01:31 AM

Big year a head for Mr. Lestat
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Before I continue let me appologize for any spelling errors. I cut my finger while making soup tonight and it's not typing well.

Ok onto my post. warning it will be long.

Lestat will be 2 years old April 2nd. Time has been flying! He's completely healed from his injury last January 2012 and there is no damage left from his "fun" trailer ride when I brought him home. He's currently a thick 14.3 at the shoulder and 15 hands at the butt. At his most recent check up my main vet (specializing in heavier built warmblood, Drafts, and Baroque breeds) okay'd him to be started lightly undersaddle when he's 2.5 years old. So he's gotten the good to go which is a YAY! never the less we'll still be taking it easy and he won't be put under saddle until he's fluid in the ground driving with a bridle language. So far so good on that too! He's such a good boy.

So this year he'll be 2 years old and late in the year he'll be slowly started with a little weight on his back.

This spring time will also be his first introduction to his stallion hormones. He's been consistently dropped with both testicals for about 3 months now. He's a pro at me or anybody else handling his business and just kind of gives a wide eyed look if we don't warm up our hands first. Once in a while he gets a taste of what a stallion is like and prances around, arching his neck, parading by his pasture mate James. James is a 5 year old badass 12 hand welsh and copies Lestats silly boy attitude until Mr. Stallion knocks it off. He's a very gentle boy though! A simple "that's enough" brings him back to earth.

Spring time next year my vet would like to start training him for collection using a phantom. He said he starts all his colts early and he works with them for a weeks length at a time. Every few days. He covers cleaning, teasing, mounting, manners, everything you'd want to see in a well mannered breeding stallion. This includes bell training which is what I discussed with him when I bought Lestat. I expressed my concern in him relating breeding at home and wanted to separate the two as much as possible. In handling stallions previous we always used a bell on their breeding halter. If they were in their everyday barn wear they were as calm as your next door gelding. When the breeding halter with the bell went on they were trained to understand that meant it was ok to talk and it was ok to prance-with permission of course. They are loaded and taken to the vet with their everyday halter, unloaded the same and stalled. When they are brought to collection they are haltered with their breeding bell halter. This keeps breeding and such ideas at the vets and with a certain cue/halter. I've always handled studs that were trained with this method and my vet is happy to help with Lestat when it's time.

Now, Lestat will ONLY be collected. Never hand bred or pasture bred. I will be extremely picky to the mares he is bred with and I will be aiming to heighten the sports breeds Friesian studs boost. Sorry, it's late and my vocab is starting to run dry. Anyway, so yes, big years coming up. Along with all of this of course he'll be showing in halter, making name and show record. I have no intention on letting him be a stand in the pasture and look pretty stallion. Oh no. He WILL BE a well mannered prince and he's well on his way to getting there with his ground manners alone.

So...I wanted to update. I admit I'm not on the board that much anymore, life gets in the way once in a while but I pop in when I can. I know when he had his accident there were a lot of people that expressed interest in knowing his progress and making sure everything was healing well. He had a successful in hand mid summer-winter show season to wrap up last year and so far this year has been to two shows but we got there late and couldn't enter. :-( stupid traffic.

Anyway, onto the pictures! I don't have any great conformation shots. Every time I think I have some he's all uneven again. So here's some fun stuff. Just for reference I'm wearing 8 inch heels in that orange dress. So that puts me at 5'10. In the last picture with his angry ears there was a mare standing behind him that kept screaming. He tried walking away more than once so I gave a nervous smile when the judges were watching him. At least I know he didn't want anything to do with her more like he couldn't wait to get away from her!

soenjer55 02-25-2013 01:39 AM

He's going to be lovely when he grows up, I hope you plan on updating again when you can!

tinyliny 02-25-2013 01:45 AM

He has grown up SO fast! it's hard to believe. But, he's a stunning stud. it must be thriling just to watch him move.

drafts4ever 02-25-2013 01:47 AM

Thank you! I will try to get some videos when I can! He's a beautiful mover but I might be slightly biased. I've been so busy with the house and visitors and more school stuff but I've been here lurking around. Finally found a bit of time to post an update! String test puts up around 16.1-16.2 but my vet and everybody else says they wouldn't be surprised if he was a hunky 16.3.

Roperchick 02-25-2013 02:10 AM

What. A. Hunk.

Definitely need more pics/videos lol

Cacowgirl 02-25-2013 04:22 PM

So glad he is doing so well. Happy that he recoverd from his injuries & that you will be keeping him a lovely prince that minds his manners. Look forward to updates when you can post them.

Copperhead 02-27-2013 11:27 PM

I'm glad he healed up nicely.

I'm interested in knowing what he actually looks like conformation-wise though.

trailhorserider 02-28-2013 12:05 AM

Which string test did you do?

When I did the mid-knee to coronet band string test on my young gelding, it also put him at around 16.1.

Currently he is 15.2-15.3 at age 2 1/2. I am wondering if my guy matured early or if he really will make 16.1. I wish I would have kept better records about is height as he grew, then I could have compared him at the same age as Lestat.

I love that photo with him trotting on lead, he looks so baroque and lovely! Gotta love that arched neck and round bum!

I remember when you first got him and he was just a hairy little guy. He sure has turned into a fine young man. :-)

WSArabians 02-28-2013 10:34 AM

He's quite the man!

I have to know... Was he named after the Vampire Lestat?

AnalisaParalyzer 02-28-2013 11:28 AM

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holy moly hes gorgeous! i remember reading about his accident, hes grown so much! i cant wait to see a vid :)

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