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riccil0ve 02-25-2013 11:31 AM

I got to meet Wallaby and Lacey!
I made a super spontaneous trip into Portland this weekend [I'm 30 minutes from the BC border, so it was a long trip, lol] and I was able to meet up with Wallaby and the infamous unicorn, Lacey! I know, you're super jealous. It's okay. =P

Lacey is as beautiful as she looks in her pictures, the goats are a riot, and Wallaby is just as funny in person as she is online! We just stood around in the pasture swapping pony and goat stories and it was a blast. And without further ado, some pictures!

I felt like I got to meet a celebrity, lol.

Atticus was absolutely adorable, so curious!

Cute ears!!

And the whole gang!

Stichy 02-25-2013 11:40 AM

Oh my gosh those goats are adorable!

xlionesss 02-25-2013 11:41 AM


crimsonsky 02-25-2013 11:50 AM

wow i can't believe how fuzzy lacey is!

riccil0ve 02-25-2013 11:59 AM

I know, she's quite the furry beast right now! Wallaby and I were talking, because she's so close to the friend I stayed with in Portland, that it's entirely likely I'll be able to see Lacey in all her sleek and summer coat glory!
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csimkunas6 02-25-2013 01:17 PM

That is so neat!!!

tinyliny 02-25-2013 01:34 PM

that is cool! I'll have to make the journey one of these days to meet "THE" Lacey. (there's only one).

Why didn't you stop by and see me, too? I am on the I-5 corridor.
Next time, ok?

Wallaby 02-25-2013 03:27 PM

I'm so glad we got to meet up!

Riccil0ve is ALSO hilarious in person, so funny how you meet people you don't know...but feel like you've known them for a long time because they're pretty much exactly who you expected them to be!
It was a great time. :)

Lacey and the G's took to Riccil0ve better than I really anticipated, usually they're more aloof than friendly towards strangers but they LOVED her! :D

Gooood times. :)

nvr2many 02-25-2013 03:31 PM

Ah hemmmmm, so! no one bothered to let the rest of us Oregonians know you were coming??? Well, hemph....... ****pouts now.............

All kidding aside, how cute are those goats!!! And the famous Lacey! *jealous*.

Wild Heart 02-25-2013 04:06 PM

Lucky duck! Glad you two were able to meet up. Love seeing fellow HF members get together.

So, when is Lacey's tour around the USA and Canada going to happen? :grin:

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