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Jr_lover 04-15-2007 06:34 PM

wanting to stay with....
Ok Junior has a big problem that has been annoying me. Every time i take him away from the other horses to work with him or something he keeps turning around and trying to go back to them. The very first time i took him away from them ever he was fine. For some reason now he wants to go back. Every time he turns to go back i turn him in a full circle until he is facing the direction he was originally facing at and then i tell him to move off and go the way i was telling him to go. Well he will walk a couple steps and then try to trot around back to them. So in reply i turn him around again and halt him so he sees the area i want him to go and then kick him up after a sec to move off. Well i did this a whole bunch yesterday and he finally listened but still attempted to turn back around. It doesn't seem to phase him much. I think he quit for a little bit because he was annoyed of turning. Is this a good technique or should i do something different? He only stoped for a little while and started back up again. I'm so annoyed of it and i want it to stop. I am probably taking him to a show soon and i don't want him doing crap like that and he shouldn't do it anyway but still this is just another reason why he can not be doing that. Anybody have any tips?

aussie_jumper 04-15-2007 10:39 PM

your horse obviouly doesn't want to be worked... theres not much else i can say about that.. but when he doesn't want to go somewhere make him go.. it doesn't have to be the place you wanna go but if you get there in the end you have won.

Jr_lover 04-16-2007 06:48 AM

i seriously don't think it has anything to do with him being worked considering he does all the stuff i tell him to do when he is with the group.

tumai 04-16-2007 07:57 AM

It sounds to me like he is napping for his mates......keep up the work with insisting he goes out on his own but make sure he gets to go out with mates too! I would only use the turn as a means to an end turn back the way you were going. Make your outings alone short for a start and then build them up to longer and further away from home. Does he act up when he can still see and hear his mates? Have you taken him out of earshot and eyesight of them? When we first got Chinita she would do this and it would drive me insane!! :evil: so I started tacking her up and walking half a mile down the road before getting on and having a ride...yea at the start she would pack a wobbly...screaming out and trying to go back but I used pressure release and slowly she came with me...once away from everyone she was good. Just an idea anyways. :)

Backyard Rider 04-16-2007 10:00 AM

That's a very common problem. Walk him out of the barn/pasture and stopped a few feet away, then bring him right back to his friends. Don't make him work everytime you bring him away, because he'll relate you with annoying work and stuff he doesn't want to do. Keep bringing him out a few feet, give him a treat then return him to the herd. You can bring him a bit further each time. He should start coming with you willingly, anticipating treats and good things.

I don't think he's at a stage where the turning will make him change his mind. I'd try something else for awhile.

Desert Rat 04-16-2007 11:22 AM

You have a herd bound horse that does not want to leave his buddies. There are several ways to overcome this. One is to take some feed with you or place it quite a ways away from the home place and feed him there. You can also ( this I prefer) when you bring him home do not turn him loose. Tie him up and leave him for an hor or so. he wont want to come home so fast after a few times like this. You can also trailer him away from home and work him where there are no other animals around.

Jr_lover 04-16-2007 03:47 PM

its not the home being a problem. When we all go out and bring all of our horses out to this arena like place we all go our seperate ways. I usually go around to another circle area away from were my friends work and this area has trees blocking the view of them. Well he keeps turning and doing stuff when i bring him to that area. I don't always work with him when i bring him away either. We are usually away from home anyway when we come to this place so i can't do much about that and i can't exactly get that far away from my friends considering there is much of anywhere he can go. Theres only a few places. So what other techniques should i do?

tumai 04-16-2007 04:29 PM

Are you able to school him alone...I mean take him to your arena alone to work him? Make sure you let someone know where you are.
You ask one of your freinds to school alongside and then take turns to show off infront of eachother with your freind slowly making distance between you or going away for a minute and then returning......I think if you reward your boy with loads of attention every time he makes a full circle and no real attention(growling included) except legging him on when he doesn't.
If you hard feed you could take him away to have his feeds alone and then return him back when finished...thats if you have this problem at home to.

Jr_lover 04-16-2007 07:42 PM

its not really that bad at home i fixed that but now he doesn't listen to me out of home. Maybe this is a reaction to the fact that i have taken over his area and he has nothing to be dominant over me? He is a very dominant horse and he chases people sometimes well he has not done that for a while considering he kept getting in trouble. Now i think he is retaliating by taking over my control out of his home. I don't know its some theory i'm kinda thinking up in my mind. Could this be a sign of him wanting his respect as well?

Robyn-Niagara 04-17-2007 03:18 AM

my horse does the same! what you need to do, is take him a different route each time, if he stops and wont go any further, squeeze with your leg turning where YOU want to go, if he doesn't go kick and if he hasn't done what you want after three tries use the crop with a slap on his ass! this works!!! but also try going out with other horses, this will take his mind off his friends.

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