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horsgal 02-25-2013 09:01 PM

WP Mane
I haven't shown in a while and I would like to start back this spring in small local shows. I've shown there before with my horse (WP and english)and I did not cut her mane. Since then her mane has gotten full and longer and I really dont want to cut it. I was wondering if there were any new rules out about it? Thanks!

Duren 02-25-2013 09:21 PM

For the small local shows you can braid it up. If you moved up I would suggest pulling and banding. I use a running braid kept tight and along the crest for my filly for her in-hand classes. I've never been scored less for her mane.

Duren 02-25-2013 09:33 PM

Look up the post titled "Your attempts at fancy braids". There are some good examples of alternatives in there. At long as the "up-do" is similar in length to a pulled and banded mane, it should go over just fine. I wouldnt suggest just leaving it down though.

Sorry for the second post - it wouldnt let me edit the first one to include the second part.

farmpony84 02-25-2013 09:38 PM

I see people at the AQHA shows that have really long pretty manes and they band them. (Most of them are reiners that slide into the WP ring) but they don't seem to be pinged for having a long mane.

oh vair oh 02-25-2013 09:39 PM

Long manes in western pleasure are perfectly acceptible. There are no "rules" on it, just trends, and long manes are a current trend. Besides, small shows don't really matter on perfect turnout.

Do your mane like this.

horsgal 02-25-2013 09:58 PM

I plan only to show western pleasure as of right now, but I could possibly show english too and those braids look really time consuming, so is there any braids that I could use for both english and western classes or would just leaving it down be best?

oh vair oh 02-25-2013 10:23 PM

Who cares about banding or braiding if it's a local show.

I don't know why people get so caught up on super duper turnout at small shows. I never band or braid my horse for anything less than a four-judged breed show. Have you seen people at small local shows? They literally show in training tack. Having a perfect mane is not going to be the difference between 1st and 2nd at a local show.

Brush it and leave it down. Or braid it. It really could matter less at this level.

oh vair oh 02-25-2013 10:26 PM

And for the sake of "practicing for the big shows" you do your horse's mane in whatever discipline they do best. If they are best at western pleasure, you band for western and english (if it's a one day). If you are best at english, you hunter braids for western and english if it's a one-day.

GarretKaylaShi 02-27-2013 01:02 PM

We just keep ours pulled and banded, just to make sure we don't get docked from a discrimitive judge. We figure its better to be safe than sorry. For english, a long mane would look messy. I just personally prefer the short mane look on pleasure horses, it makes them look alot neater

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