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stephnpierre 10-03-2008 03:30 AM

My farm is in Newport, Gwent. Two weeks ago, thieves came and stole several rugs, mostly around the size of 6ft and 6ft3. They cleaned everything out and left us with no rugs for our horses. They also stole headcollars. Last night they came again, ripped 2 locks out of the wood they were attached to and cut two locks off of metal cupboards, they stole 2 saddles from one, worth around 700, my saddle, a brand new Wintec saddle, still with the Wintec tag, which I bought for 350, with interchangable gullets. They also stole my brown leather saddle, worth about 70-100. They stole a pair of army boots, worn but would have been worth about 100, given as a present when he left the army, very sentimental. No rugs were taken, so believed to be the same people. BE VERY CAUTIOUS AND DO NOT BUY ANY GOODS FROM PEOPLE, UNLESS THEY HAVE PROOF OF RECEIPT. IF YOU ARE OFFERED ANY SADDLES, PLEASE LET THE NEWPORT POLICE KNOW IMMEDIATELY, AS IT IS HIGHLY LIKELY THEY ARE GOING TO SELL THEM ON.
If you are offered a brand new Wintec saddle, with a black padded dressage numnah, please question it, I have written on the inside with an invisible insurance pen, so the police will be able to tell if it is mine.
Thankyou very much, be very vigile, TAKE ALL SADDLES AND EXPENSIVE GOODS HOME.

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