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NRW 02-25-2013 11:54 PM

Help needed with a brand
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I got this mare in December 2012. The guy who I got her from *seemed* to know a bit about her. But I'm really questioning all of that now. He told me she was 6 years old, but I was told by the vet she is closer to 10 or older.
I have taken an interest in her brand and finding out where she actually came from.
I have been told that branded horses are also typically registered? I'm really not too concerned about if she is registered or not, but I would like to just figure out some back history on her... such as how she came to that guy who took awful care of her and almost ruined her feet, and how she got the scar around her nose.

I also live in Texas. We do brand registry by County. So that makes it pretty tough to search for a brand...since I don't know what county she came from, or if she is from Texas. I figure Texas is a good place to start looking though.

I'm not sure how to read the line underneath the SRD (or is it 5RD ??)
Any ideas on this brand? it is the only one on her.

and here is a picture of her when I got her in Dec for anybody who is interested

6gun Kid 02-26-2013 12:29 AM

For what ever reason I cant seem to see the pics, brands are a tricky thing in Texas because of the county to county registration.
My first suggestion is to contact the person you bought the horse from, and ask if he has a bill of sale from when he bought her, and see if there is any info there.
If you are very, very, lucky he has a brand transfer, that will make it all easier.
However, i am afraid that what you are in for is a long and probably frustrating search going from county brand book to county brand book, luckily they are all online cuz thats 254 counties worth of brands.
I would suggest starting in the county you bought the horse in and work your way out, most sales tend to be within 150 miles or so

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