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kiwi79 02-26-2013 01:03 AM

Could my horse have heaves?
Hi all
I have had my approx 19 y.o gelding for about a year now. When he was sold to me the previous owner said he had seasonal allergies which caused coughing and wheezy breathing at times.
I had the vet out recently for a lameness issue and talked to her about his breathing and how it becomes laboured quite easily. I told her about the allergies and she said we would sort out the lameness first and then look at his breathing. She did not mention anything about heaves but after reading a bit about it I am wondering if that could be the problem? He is not underweight though (a bit pudgy actually) and from my inexperienced eye I cannot see heave lines.
He is in very light work right now as I do not want to push him with his breathing getting raspy so quickly, have been waiting to hear back from the vet as they were meant to get in touch to book a time to do his teeth. I havent heard back for a couple of weeks so will probably follow up over the next couple of days on that.
In the meantime I wondered if there is a difference between 'heaves' and just allergies to dust, pollen etc? It is very dry/dusty here right now and I have him a paddock with hardly any grass for most of the day to keep his weight down. I read that putting vasoline jelly in their nostrils can help control the dust but I cant see that working for long once it gets a coat of dust on it.
Does anyone else have a horse with heaves or allergies that cause coughing, wheezing and a sometimes runny nose?

poppy1356 02-26-2013 05:28 AM

My horse has allergies and it would cause a constant low grade bronchitis which would cause the coughing. I had been using cough free which greatly reduced to coughing. Once I started her on a good vitamin with high amounts of vit a and vit e her cough is now gone. I think her immune system wasn't strong enough to fight off the bronchitis. I still have the cough free which will be used for flare ups.

With that said her breathing was never labored. Not wheezing just coughs.
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