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RhondaLynn 02-26-2013 09:56 AM

One woman and two horses going from California to Maine needs places to stay
I have been keeping up with a blog called "Free Range Rodeo". It is about a woman (started out with two) and a couple of horses. They started out in california and are now in Louisiana but are going on to Maine. She is traveling thru the small towns and backroads of America. Her name is Sea. Below is a portion of her blog, the part that includes her route, if you live on this route or know someone on this route and can let her and her ponies stay with you, please consider it. you can e-mail her at she is also on face book "Free Range Rodeo", plus she has a blog. so look for her!

I volunteered my barn/house but she is not coming anywhere near me, but I thought I might could help her out this way.


Plans are ephemeral and untrustworthy creatures in the face of Reality, however, talking about plans can be a good way to bring Reality into closer and more probable focus. I will try to keep this page updated with my most recent route planning thoughts – will be grateful for suggestions, invitations, well-founded warnings and the sort of feedback that makes things more possible -
currently in Bentley, LA – tomorrow through Pollock and on to White Sulphur Springs – Monday is forecast to storm pretty seriously, so if I can find a place to hole up on Monday in or around White Sulphur Springs (and rest the ponies) that would be really helpful – then hoping to take some back roads through to Whitehall. At that point it seems like 84 on to Vidalia is the most direct, if it’s a reasonable road to ride beside with ponies, leading me to Vidalia (mail drop!) and across the Mississippi to Natchez and state #7. Offers of places to stop for the night are very welcome – along with helpful information about the road ahead!
Mississippi is completely unplanned at this point – not allowed on the Natchez Trace (which would have been perfect?) but heading Memphis-ish and then up towards Louisville, KY. Had hoped to ride 66 miles up the TVA Land-Between-the-Lakes but that’s not allowed either – horse access limited to a 10 square mile area and camping only allowed in one place (and requiring a horse trailer w/ self-contained living unit – uncluding a loo!)
then across and up Ohio and part of PA – Houghton, NY – across the fingerlakes region of NY and find a way across the Hudson River – across MA and somewhere between there and Minot, ME (on Nov. 8th) find a place to put the ponies hooves in the Atlantic Ocean.


RhondaLynn 02-27-2013 09:51 AM

Below is the latest e-mail I received from Sea.. Please read and if you can help her it would be great! Read her blog.. it is interesting!!

hi Rhonda -
anything you can think of in terms of getting the word out is helpful -
please feel free to post about my Journey and the blog anywhere you can think of! ;-)
today has been a rest day
tomorrow i've got an 18 mile ride to Nebo, LA (place to stay arranged)
and then i'll be heading east on rte 84 to Vidalia, LA/Natchez, MS
at this point i have no leads on a route up through MS towards Memphis
except that i'm not allowed on the Natchez Trace with the horses (Parkway)
my friend Katie from Tucson is coming out this week sometime
looking for a mule so that she can ride with me as far as Louisville -
i am hoping we're together by the time i cross into MS
so i'm not putting a whole lot of energy into the MS map quite yet
assuming she'll have some imput -
but places to stay heading generally north from Natchez,MS towards Memphis, TN
will be helpful in terms of planning the month of March -
hope this information is helpful
in terms of you helping me along the way -
blessings and adventures

wetrain17 02-27-2013 04:28 PM

Roadyy 02-28-2013 04:50 PM

I have friends and family in Columbus,Ms(N.E.Ms.) that could probably put them up for a night or so. I'll check with them then find her blog to post the info.

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