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Britt 02-26-2013 10:56 AM

I'm going crazy. I haven't been able to ride in weeks...
I'm going stir-crazy!

Two weeks ago I was feeling a numb sensation in my lower back/spine... I didn't think much of it because it was the same feeling I felt for three months last year, and last year I had gone to the doctor and they couldn't figure out what was going on and just gave me muscle relaxers and the feeling went away after several months.

Two weeks ago I got the feeling in my back again and thought, ''ok, no big deal, I'll just take some muscle relaxers and it'll be fine''. Way wrong! I woke up a day or so later in so much pain in my lower spine that I could barely move. Now, usually, when i'm in pain, I'll just take aspirin and won't go to a doctor, because usually I can handle it... not this. I couldn't bend over, roll over, stand straight, stand slouched, sit down, or stand up without pain. My grandmother told me I was pale and 'pinched' looking.

I went to the doctor.

Sat in the doctors office for roughly five hours in pain until they saw me. Had x-ray's and a physical examination done (talk about pain)... doc asked about my hobbies and asked me if I ever had riding accidents with my horses, to which I told him 'yes' and explained my fall with my gelding (last February) and my two falls with my mare (two years ago and three years ago) to him.

The doc '''hemmed'' and ''hummed''. Not good, I thought.

Doctor looked at the x-rays and came back. He said he would advise me to quit horseback-riding if he thought I would take his advice... but since he thought I wouldn't be willing to give up my favorite hobby, he ordered a week of bed-rest and put me on Codeine four times a day with Flexeril muscle relaxers. said I had an inflamed disk in my lower spine, that was acting like a slipped disk, from, he guessed, my last horseback-riding accident.

Also said that if I was still in pain after the meds are gone, to call him and he'll set up an MRI for me. Told me to not pick anything even slightly heavy up and to stay resting as much as possible until my back heals. Said the pain could go away at any time, but could also return at any time, as I have a permanent injury to my spine that will flare up at times for the rest of my life. :shock:

I've missed a six days of college, six days of work, and haven't been able to go feed my horses their grain in two weeks. I should have stayed on bed-rest longer, probably for the full two weeks, but I couldn't. I'm so far behind in college that I may have to drop my accounting class and I've only worked enough in two weeks to pull an $80 paycheck...

To add to it, my cousins know I'm banned from riding right now and have came down three days in a row to get their horses bridles and the pony-saddle and have constantly been asking me if I'd like to go riding...

I wanna go riding so badly! :cry:

WSArabians 02-26-2013 11:56 AM

I understand. Completely. On top of not being allowed to ride for 18 months (that was my surgeon's last guess... I'ma prove him wrong!), he doesn't think I should ride EVER, I think, due to my broken femur and hip.
Previously I went in for x-rays because I had the same symptoms as you. Turns out after taken so many falls, being kicked, ran over, drug by horses, I ended up with arthritis in discs four and five.
I don't think I can last the whole 18 months (or longer if I need another surgery) so I'm sure I'll sneak out some time...

It definitely sucks, though!
Hopefully you're feeling better will be jumping around like a spring chicken soon!

DancingArabian 02-26-2013 12:14 PM

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That sucks!
You should email your accounting teacher and just do the assignments from the textbook on your own. There's enough accountants on here that if you're super stuck we can help. For the rest of your classes too.
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