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gamingirl22 02-26-2013 06:09 PM

Should I braid mane and forelock??
I have a Quarter Horse mare that I will be entering in some Halter and showmanship classes this year. I have been reading articles online and they're always saying different things. Should I braid my horse's mane and/or forelock for western halter and showmanship classes? Her mane is very short (Maybe about 3 inches long and theres a little chunk taken out of a couple places that are about an inch long). It is also very thin but it is pretty even. (I will be showing at 4-H and local shows.)
I also have a miniature horse whose mane is even and very thick. I recently bought a pulling comb and a thinning comb and my aunt tried to explain how to use them and I honestly got lost while she was explaining it to me. So to sum it all up, how do I thin my mini's mane? Also, should I trim my horse's mane so it is all even or should I just braid it so I don't have to worry about cutting it?
Also, people have said that you don't want to braid a horse's mane for western showmanship and halter so that it shows off their neck more..but I don't know what to do about my mini's mane..

BigGirlsRideWarmbloods 02-26-2013 08:59 PM

No. You band the mane and forelock on Western.
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TaraBearaIsBack 02-27-2013 01:04 AM

Most of the time unless you are showing say in Jumping events, you won't braid the mane for shows. What you normally do is band it, which is just making a ton of even tiny little pony tails. ( Really Small- it's best around the width of a pencil ). It takes a few times to practice for it to look really nice. For the $-H and Local shows you don't need to go too hard. For your QH keep her mane short and thin, the three inches is probably good or maybe even a little shorter, and I would band it. the mini's mane you can just keep it nice and long for the shows because that's how minis show, with long flowing clean manes!

gamingirl22 02-28-2013 01:05 PM

Ok thanks, but I had to cut my mini's mane to about 4 inches last week because there was a huge chunk that was taken out of it. It's also very thick, should I thin it out and band it for my mini?
Also, my Quarter Horse has little chunks taken out of her mane so should I cut it so that it's all even right?

Ninamebo 05-26-2013 11:23 AM

Cut it so that it's even, but not so short that it is all gone, if possible just pull some mane together from the sides to cover up the empty area and band over it.

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