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ponyboy 02-26-2013 07:42 PM

Guinea Pigs
Anybody have one? I just got my first on Sunday and I'm not sure how it's going so far. She comes out of her house to eat and drink but if I go near the cage she runs and hides. I was told to leave her alone for 3 to 4 days but it's hard to do.

Just a few minutes ago she flipped out, running around the cage and squeaking a little... what was that about?

I've had several pet rats before and always loved them, but I didn't get one this time because I'm living in one room and they can be noisy at night. I was told that guinea pigs sleep at night... Well guess what, this one woke me up several times last night! So much for that plan.

I really hope she becomes more friendly, I'm not the type who gets a pet just to look at.

Northernstar 02-26-2013 08:06 PM

Ponyboy, guinea pigs make wonderful pets!! The last one I had lived for 6 yrs, (small rodents don't have long lives, so 6 yrs is really good!) Her name was, "Peeps". She used to start making 'peeping sounds' right before our alarm would go off, knowing we were getting up soon and she would get a cherished little baby carrot first thing! Anyway, a few things to remember : the guinea pig is a rodent, therefore a prey animal. It is their instinct, (especially being a prey animal brought into a new environment!) to 'scoot and hide' as they would of course in the wild. It's a part of their instinct, and has nothing to do with you, and doesn't mean that with patient time, your guinea pig will grow to love and trust you immensely! Let her just be in her cage, handle her gently a few times each day, and gradually hold her/play with her more with time. Here is a major key to know for her health : Guinea Pigs must have a Vit. C supplement, or they will have early health problems. They come in liquid drop form (put in the water), or in 'treat' form, which I found worked much better! It is a must, and a need they have every single day. The only other thing is to remember that rodents (and rabbits, which are not rodents, but lagomorphs), must have something to chew on free-choice to keep their incisors at bay. I have a huge cherry tree in the front yard, and my guinea pig and rabbit love nibbling on the fat sticks - if not, every pet shop has chew sticks of some sort available. So.... patience, time, Vit. C and chew sticks for your guinea pig and have fun with her :)

gypsygirl 02-26-2013 08:28 PM

dont worry ! they can be super shy ! my girl is a lover, but she loves to spend a lot of her day in her little hay hut hiding.

any pics ? piggies are great pets =]

ponyboy 02-27-2013 06:13 PM

No pics yet. No name as yet either!

Northernstar, I'm aware of the chew sticks and the Vitamin C, I researched all that before I bought. I'm also aware that they are prey animals, I'm just used to rats which are easy to tame.

She does seem to be getting braver. Tomorrow night I will try picking her up.

Northernstar 02-27-2013 06:38 PM

That's awesome! Not trying to make you feel 'un-informed' - you wouldn't believe how many people have no idea they need daily Vit. C.... As for picking her up, just do it! I handled mine immediately - a few minutes here, and a few minutes there, and she was soooo tame from then on! Sounds like you're doing a great job, and you'll just love her :)

ponyboy 03-02-2013 06:22 PM

I've handled her a few times now, she's getting calmer everyday. I've decided to call her Lucy.

Northernstar 03-02-2013 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by ponyboy (Post 1919607)
I've handled her a few times now, she's getting calmer everyday. I've decided to call her Lucy.

Ours was named "Sweet Pea", ("Peeps" for short) - she was so smart too! She knew when our alarm was about to go off every morning, and would start 'peeping' and 'squeaking' as she knew she was going to get a baby carrot right away when we got up :)

shellybean 03-02-2013 08:34 PM

I have two piggies!

They are both still skittish even though I've had them since summer, but they all tend to be pretty skittish when you go to grab them since they are prey animals...its instinct to run and hide. They do come over to the side of the cage or out of their huts when they hear me come in my room. They do their happy squeaks and start running around their cage lol.

Mine are also very active at night, I hear them running around and munching on their food/hay and one of them likes to yank the water bottle around and chomp on it extremely loud which is annoying and wakes me up a couple times a night. I usually give them a handful of hay before bed so they're quiet until I fall asleep and they've gotten use to the routine so now they get excited and start squeaking when I come into my room late at night, they know when its feeding time lol. They're a lot of fun though and are pretty smart, they are both litter trained and I change out their litter boxes a couple times a week and switch out their fleece liners weekly.

Just give yours time to settle in and take her out for short periods of time to start off with and increase the length each time. They also looovvveeee their fruits and veggies so you can also give her some each time she comes out so she looks forward to coming out everyday. Post some pictures too!

Here are my piggies! Karyn is the black silkie and Tina is the white/red peruvian.
Untitled by adayinmylife9, on Flickr
Untitled by adayinmylife9, on Flickr

And here is their piggy palace (I have since taken out the hay ball...I was scared they'd get a leg stuck in it)
Untitled by adayinmylife9, on Flickr

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