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trailhorserider 02-27-2013 10:08 PM

Study on barefoot trimming
For those of use who believe going barefoot is healthier for our horses, here is a study that backs it up. :-)

The Horse | Study: Barefoot Trimming Can Impact Hoof Conformation |

trailhorserider 03-01-2013 12:54 AM

I guess the rest of the world doesn't find hooves as interesting as I do. :lol:

loosie 03-01-2013 01:57 AM

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Hehe, not at all interested... I just need a hypnotherapist to program me not to look below the knees of the ones I'm not responsible for!

Animallover707 03-01-2013 02:03 AM

lol thanks for the post! I cant get a farrier up this far in the mountains so im studying all i can about hooves!

Leggzrider 03-02-2013 12:14 AM

Barefoot trimming is amazing. My mare travels better than she ever did with shoes. I have studied with a farrier so I could do my own horses. My knowledge is pretty much limited to keeping my 3 horses and my moms 2 traveling the trails. I wouldn't ever go back to waiting around for the farrier...

Missy May 03-02-2013 12:38 AM

I was forced into doing my own trimming (my little girl "takes aim" at farriers). I went into it kicking and screaming, but then it became an obsession. Mainly because initially I had no idea what I was doing (not that I am an expert now) and was so worried about making a mistake. It amazed me how "interesting" I found something I absolutely did NOT want to learn!!!

loosie 03-02-2013 02:32 AM

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^ I think it could be an addiction actually!

Leggzrider 03-02-2013 10:46 AM

Now it is pedi time for my horses. I found all us were much more relaxed now that I am not getting irritated waiting for a farrier who was always late and rude and my horses like the extra attention from me. It is just a better experience now.

Gaited07 03-02-2013 12:55 PM

I have two out of three horses barefoot and LOVE IT!

It started with my Gaited gelding having lameness issues of sheered and contracted heels. Too many years of too small of shoes and placement being too far back with ROLLING the toe so bad that the horse looked like he was standing on balls instead of feet.
I finally had enough and took the plunge to pull the shoes off him and put him into easyboot epics. This horse has never traveled as well as he does now or stand square as he does now being barefoot.
I will trim them up with the grinder every so often in between trims.

As for our QH mare, she has her front shoes only (because she's a princess LOL) and bare on the hinds and does well.
Our other gaited horse that we acquired in Sept. 2012 wasn't used for a few years and had no shoes so we kept him that way and purchased more epics for him for the trail. Again he travels perfectly barefoot and with boots.

Spotted 03-02-2013 01:21 PM

I have have had nothing but good things happen to my horses since switching to barefoot trimming. I'm all for it!

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