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Fort fireman 02-28-2013 04:08 PM

barrel length ?
I was plinking around on the web and saw some of these Colt clones made for Mounted shooting or at least thats what it said.. They were Uberti( I think) and they had a 3.5 inch barrel. Do any of you that shoot have one of these or is this just a marketing things. i like the 5.5 inch barrel on the clones but I've never mounted shot so those of you that do. Would this really be all that advantageous? Also I would think it would hurt the general utility of the weapon as a day to day type side arm for say a hunting back up or a hiking side arm. Thats just my opinion though.

Joe4d 02-28-2013 05:24 PM

either way an Uberti clone is not gonna be suitable for a hunting back up, Not made for full power hunting loads nor are they really that accurate. Plus they will weigh a ton and I dang sure wouldnt want to backpack with one. So many lighter more acurate options out there than an Uberti.
No an Uberti clone is good for cas or mounted shooting. 3.5 is plenty long enough for either. For shooting blanks at ballons I dont see the sight radius beign much of a disadvantage. Might even help clear leather faster and open up the pattern faster.

Fort fireman 02-28-2013 10:12 PM

I don't know. I sure wouldn't want to get hit by 250 grains of lead going 800 fps. I think it would dispatch a deer at point blank rage fairly well if need be.

Joe4d 02-28-2013 10:23 PM

be irresponsible to shoot a deer with a round that low powered, not to mention youd actually have to hit the deer. have you ever actually done any handgun hunting ? what i would or wouldnt want to get hit with isnt relevant. I dont want to get hit with a 22 load of ratshot, doesnt mean it is effective for bear hunting. Handgun hunting is the realm of full power 44 mag, or single shots firing bottleneck rounds. 45 colt loaded to near magnum power levels in a suitable firearm like a long barreled ruger can do well also, Load levels the Uberti is not designed for. If you want a hunting handgun get one, you want a utility backpack gun get a lighter more accurate arm. You want a cool cowboy looking gun to quick draw, shoot blanks, or super light loaded cowboy action loads, the uberti is good for that.

Fort fireman 02-28-2013 10:32 PM

Not talking about it being my primary weapon. Simply a side arm to take along. But this was asking about the gun and if anyone has used one and how it helps with mounted shooting and possibly as a utility type gun.

nrhareiner 02-28-2013 10:36 PM

I have 2 Cimerrons. Basically Uberti. Mine is a 4 3/4 inch barrel and that is the longest I would use for CMS. Longer barrels makes it harder to handle the gun one handed and harder to get it in and out of the rig when going fast. Most either buy guns with a 4" or less or have them cut down. I like the ones I have as I use them for CMS and SASS.

I have found them to be very accurate and not at all heavy. As for hunting. I would not hunt with one for several reasons but weight or accuracy would not be one of them. As for a back up to take out a deer that you have tracked after shooting it with a shotgun or rifle would probably work but I agree there are better options. However if you are just looking for a gun to serve several purposes and one of them being CMS then it would work as you have little option for the Mounted shooting.

Tazmanian Devil 03-01-2013 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by Fort fireman (Post 1917170)
Not talking about it being my primary weapon. Simply a side arm to take along. But this was asking about the gun and if anyone has used one and how it helps with mounted shooting and possibly as a utility type gun.

The concept behind the short barrel is that it is quicker to draw and holster than a longer barrel. At the higher levels of competition, matches are often decided by fractions of a second. Everyone is looking for every advantage they can get.

The shorter barrel also reduces weight (less metal). It also changes the balance of the gun in your hand. For speed events such as CMS, both can be an advantage for the shooter.

The Ubertis are imported by a few companies. I am guessing that you may have seen the "Taylor's Runnin' Iron" which is a short barrel that gets a bit of publicity. I have heard many good things about the Runnin' Iron, although I have never used one. Taylor, as a rule, produces very good products.

The other popular short barrel .45 is the Ruger Montado (which is not an Uberti). This can be very hard to find in stock.

I have a pair of Montados (actually they are my wife's). Like other Ruger products they have a very good build quality and have been very reliable.

Both Montado and Runnin' Irons also have turned down hammers, making them easier to cock. This is very helpful for mounted shooting.

I can't speak to the utility of either as an everyday carry gun. Honestly, that isn't what they were designed for, so I am sure there are better options.

Fort fireman 03-01-2013 09:32 AM

Thank you for the info. Honestly I don't really see me getting one with that really short barrel. I was just curious about them from someone that may have handled one. How different is the balance on those vs. say the 5.5 inch barrel? Which really seems to balance nice for me and I really like?

Tazmanian Devil 03-01-2013 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by Fort fireman (Post 1917582)
How different is the balance on those vs. say the 5.5 inch barrel? Which really seems to balance nice for me and I really like?

The difference is a personal thing. I believe my Rugers are 4.75" barrels. I don't feel that much of a difference between those and the 3.5" Montados. My wife, however, feels more of a difference in balance. I think arm/hand strength is a factor. Either way, there isn't a tremendous difference.

In the 3.5-5.5 in range, I think an action job and hammer style is going to have a bigger effect on the usability than the barrel length. Again, that's assuming you are not a "top 10" rider where match placement is decided in tenths of a second.

I have become used to the longer (4.75) barrel. It just "feels" better to me, although I can easily use the shorter one. When you get to the big 7" barrels (mounted or ground shooting) is where I feel a big difference. I don't like the really long barrel revolvers at all.

If you like the feel and balance of the 5.5, stick with it. It will serve you well.

Fort fireman 03-01-2013 12:29 PM

I like the feel, balance and looks of the 5.5 inch barrel. I like the feel and balance of the 4.75 and that uberti hombres price is nice. I found a store that carries them in 45 colt and 38/357 mag ,each was 369.00. Those only come in 4.75 inch barrels. But they are out of them and he said it would be 6-9 months before he even got an idea of when he could get more.

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