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1322271927queen 02-28-2013 04:57 PM

How Much Does Horse Care Cost In CT (4yr. old mare)?
I have been riding a long time and I want to have my own horse before Im 30. Here is what I want to know:
1. How much are front shoes with cleats for winter time plus hoof trimmings?
2. How much is a bale of 2nd cut hay?
3. How much does a large bag of Safe Choice grain cost?
4. Vaccines in CT?
5. How much is equine dentistry (I won't let anyone use a rasp).
6. Ivermectin paste wormer vs. daily de-wormer for ALL parasite speicies?
7. If I board somewhere with paddocks for individual turn-out and grass during the summer, how much would it cost just to rent the stall (I would provide bagged shavings or put in sawdust and I would feed twice a day and muck. All the barn owner would do is let my horse out and give her a flake of hay from my own hay bales. I would clean the water bucket)

MyBoyPuck 02-28-2013 11:11 PM

1. Paid $160 for front shoes with popper pads and borium and trim on hind hooves this winter.

2. Bale averages $6.50 these days, a little cheaper on your side of the state.

3. No clue on the grain. Probably about $24, but just call a feed store and ask.

4. Shots are around $200 plus the barn call fee. For $200, you get rabies, coggins, the 3 flu shots, west nile and patomic. We don't do strangles at our barn. That's probably another $20.We all do shots the same day and split the $85 barn call fee.

5. Dentist varies from whether you will using a vet or a dentist. Vets will hit you with the whole smash, barn call fee, drugs if necessary and most use hand tools. Dentists tend to be cheaper. Mine charges me about $90. He uses both power and hand tools depending on what needs to be done. Definitely ask for lots of recommendations on the dentist things. Better yet, save yourself the trouble and make sure to get a horse who is not parrot mouthed or had other high maintenance teeth issues.

6. Daily wormer is going by way of the dinosaur. Much too info out there these days about worms becoming resistant due to overuse of wormers. Best to just get a fecal done during spring and fall shots and treat only as necessary. I treat twice a year at a cost of $13 a pop.

7. The board situation you are mentioning is called rough board. In your area, you could probably find a nice place for about $200/month.

Hope this helps.

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