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Klassic Superstar 03-01-2013 08:19 PM

It's okay, there are not any adorable photos here ;)
Didn't have time to ride today but got to snuggle with the little dude :wink:
He cracks me up, Vessa my trainers Irish baby was wanting in on the loves and Oliver just kept creeping further and further away from her and would sigh after a couple steps like "um this human here is mine, your's isn't home yet!" hehe

Beside was fully of kisses and hugs :D
Got these cute photos to share :wink:

This one is my all time favorite for sure:wink:
It's explains us completely, haha
He's so adorable when those little ears of his are actually forward!
Editors the coloring in this a bit, sorry if it hurts your eyes but I love his color:wink:
"okay I guess our snuggle session has come to an end, that will be two handfuls of treats and you may clean my stall and paddocks before you go, K thanks have a good day!" LOL:D

Hope you enjoyed!

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