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GodGirl11 03-02-2013 03:25 PM

Therapy pony sucess!
So this pony (he's actually between a mini and a pony--so cute!) made it back into the therapy program! After a little girl fell off him (she was ok, thank goodness!) in the summer, they took him out of the program and were going to sell him. One very determined employee took him into her training and he made his secondary debut in therapy last night with the farm's owner leading! I wasn't in the arena, but I heard he did really well! They had to work on bombproofing him a lot. The little girl fell off because some stupid people decided to have a meeting in the arena and they all clapped and--guess what?--the poor pony got spooked. While bombproofing him this fall, we put an employee up on him and she started bothering him--moving around, crinkling a water bottle--and he got spooked again and she fell off (she was ok, too). It took a while, but it looks like this pony has a good home for a while! Pray for him to continue behaving :)
Now, share YOUR therapy victories!

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