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GodGirl11 03-02-2013 02:42 PM

Therapy heart attack
When was your first therapy heart attack? Did a kid fall off? A horse spook? I've had three...but tell me yours!
The biggest one was very recent. My sister, fazia...something, idk her userame, was leading, I was sidewalking, and our OT was sidewalking as well for the sweetest little girl. The horse is one of our best therapy horses; calm, sweet, even pace, adorable, and LOVES giving the kids kisses after they get off =P. Well we were playing a game with plastic cookies where we put the cookies together and bring them to the mailbox (if your barn doesn't have a play mailbox, GET ONE!!!! the kids go absolutely crazy for these!!!) in a little tin bucket. our OT asked the little girl if she wanted to trot to the mailbox. She said yes and my sister asked the horse for a trot. Well, silly us, didn't think about the plastic cookies in the tin bucket rattling around until it was too late. The horse lurched forwards and the OT and I are holding onto the girl for dear life. i threw her foot out of the stirrup and the OT had her by the coat when she came off. She didn't hit the ground really and the horse calmed down in just a second but boy did it warm me up!!!! The little girl giggled about the event last week, saying "(horse's name) was silly last week!" so she obviously is okay with it.
Next, I was leading my babyyyy (he is in my profile picture, if you can still see it) for an "adaptive" therapy lesson. We were standing still when a dust devil came (first one I've ever seen) and knocked down a bucket outside. Any other horse might've taken off but my baby just rapidly backed up. I'm convinced nothing would've gotten that lead rope out of my hand I was holding on so tight! I thought he might rear but he didn't and the rider was able to keep her balance--which was one of the things she was working on! We had good sidewalkers who knew what they were doing, also. Thank goodness my baby is such a calm boy!
Okay, last one I promise! I was leading a newer therapy horse and we had gone outside and through the little trail. Our OT was walking with the other lesson who was on a super slow old guy so I figured I should wait for them before we went on. We had this girl riding, about 12, who is so adorable! She talks a lot but it so sweet--she'll make your day. So we're waiting for the other horse to come out and we hear the leaves rustling from his hooves. The horse I was holding got REALLY nervous and I did this little hop, almost a mini rear. I yanked, holding him down with all my might. "Hold her!" i told the sidewalkers who, for some reason, weren't doing ANYthing???? I began turning the horse in circles and he started to chill out. The girl riding asked me if I was ok and then told the horse that everything was all right :)

Okay, go ahead!

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