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DixieMoonshine 03-03-2013 11:04 PM

My mare is going bald?
The weather has been drastically fluctuating lately, 80 degrees for a few days, and then ice for a few days... My mare is a 16 year old Andalusian cross (with a TB looks like to me). She is a gray. I sitting under her (big girl) and checking the buckle attachments (my gelding somehow managed to shred his blankets straps to pieces, weird), I noticed her belly was BALD. So I swiped my hand across it and what few patches were there, are now gone! The vet was just out a few days ago and she got a thorough examination (because she's a recent purchase), and she got her routine shots (I have her shot records, so a reaction is crossed off the list). I noticed that her legs are also looking rough, she has patches of hair missing.
Well, here's her history... I purchased her from a lady who had 16 horses on a grass-less pasture (grass isn't growing quite yet after winter), I didn't see any hay. She was being fed 1 pound of sweet feed 4 times a day. one pound is generally the equivalent to a pinch over 1 quart. I hear its best to feed smaller amounts more times a day, but the lucky lady was a stay at home horse mom. She is 75-100 pounds underweight (ribs and bones very visible) and needs to build her muscles back up. She has a winter coat, and it's a disaster no matter how much I wash it!
She is currently eating Triple Crown Senior. She gets 4 quarts in the morning, and 4 quarts in the evening. She gets lightly lunged/walked/worked for maybe 20-30 minutes every day to every other day (we are slowly working up to more activities, but the last thing I want is for this poor sweetheart to be sore all the time). She gets unlimited hay. She was not loosing hair when she came to me, maybe stress? Maybe she's shedding the winter coat faster than the spring one can grow in? It's not fungal. It's not parasites. She does have dry skin though. Should I wash her with head and shoulders? Or an aloe Vera wash? As of now, I have rubbed corona ointment on the bald patches. And she is wearing a weather beta blanket, so it can't be rain rot because the blanket is water proof. I will post some photos of her bald patches tomorrow morning. They don't look scabby or gross, just bald (which is scary because I've never had one do this before). I have heard that it is common for some horses to have this happen during this time if year. The area near her utters is slimy, I just cleaned it and it got slimy all over again almost emmediatly. Stupid question, is that a sign of pregnancy? She was exposed to a stallion. And there were several mares in foal in her pasture. I hope she's not pregnant for her sake. :(
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