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BarrelWannabe 03-05-2013 12:46 PM

Anyone here keep snakes as pets or breeders?

I recently purchased my first snake, a young male ball python, and I'm absolutely smitten with these guys. They're so calm and docile. It's taken a few weeks for my guy to warm up to me, but now he's very inquisitive and adventurous.

I think it's like the horse bug, once you catch it, there's no stoppin'!
I over indulged and went out and got my boyfriend an albino Colombian Red Tail boa. He's very happy with him, and I felt very happy getting him his first official pet. :) I'll be able to post pictures later, they're both beautiful guys.

So share your snakes or ones you'd like to have!
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aldebono 03-05-2013 01:28 PM

We have quite a few bps, a hog island boa, a blood, a desert king snake, and a snow corn.

Just starting to get into breeding bps, had a rough few years with eggs, but I finally have my incubator completely finished without shortcuts.

Snakes are a great pet. Low maintenance all around :)

LadyDreamer 03-06-2013 07:08 PM

Oh I just adore snakes.

I am not the biggest python fan, but I am ALL about boas. I am working on a few breeding projects. I am aiming for Snow Boa Constrictors and I am also working with some sand boas. My BF is into Western Hognose snakes as well. We also have a few miscellaneous snakes that we use for teaching, display, or we have them to sell.

Have any pictures of yours?
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aldebono 03-06-2013 08:20 PM

This is Maddie the Hog Island. She is a dwarf boa which species only comes from two small islands, Cayo Mayor and Cayo Menor. She is about 6lbs and over 5ft long. She is a very manageable size for a female boa and won't get much larger.

Ball pythons
My female pied "Cherry". She is a 2012.

My female spider dinker "Nagini". 2011 hatchling

My Python curtus brongersmai (red blood) "Jillian". The species is from Indonesia and the females can get around 5ft long and 30lbs. She has a lot of growing to do!

These are just the few. All of them have such different personalities. If we had to keep just one, Maddie would be it. She is very intelligent.

I also breed my own rats and I am VERY proud of how awesome my rats are! For the non snake owners that may be reading this, you will find that a lot of the snake owners with a large collection also breed their feeders and LOVE their rats as much as their snakes.

Wild Heart 03-06-2013 09:23 PM

Aldebono, your snakes are positively gorgeous!

I currently own two corn snakes. I'll take some photos of them tomorrow and try to upload 'em. :)

aldebono 03-06-2013 09:32 PM

Thank you Wild Heart!

I am wanting to get into corns after we move. I love the lavender combos!

Shoebox 03-06-2013 09:36 PM

I remember a while back someone talking about how people who like snakes must be messed up because you CAN'T love a snake. After all it cant love you back!

I love snakes. I want one pretty bad - looking into a Ball Python when I have the space and means to care for it. Your snakes are absolutely gorgeous... If they go missing don't search my pockets ;)

aldebono 03-06-2013 09:47 PM

I think you definitely can love a snake, even though they are running off of very primal needs and do not have a wide range of emotions. I can tell their needs are being met because they eat regularly and breed while in captivity.

Ball pythons are great, they stay small and are docile with so many different color morphs to choose from. They are simple to house and it is easier to keep their temperature and humidity and allow security in a tupperware bin. When you get more, they can go into a rack system. They can be picky feeders and it is not uncommon for them to go off food for months at a time. Corns, kings and milks are great first snakes because they will readily eat at any time.
I am at the point with my king that on occasion I offer boiled eggs and raw chicken just to see if he will eat it. He does. He still gets his rats as a whole prey item can not be easily replaced. Same as the raw diet for dogs, it must include bone and organs. YUM!

LadyDreamer 03-06-2013 11:49 PM

Oh the things people love. Plants. Toys. Electronics. Snakes. I know I love my babies as much as I love my horses. Maybe not as much as my dogs, because no living horse can represent that kind of unconditional love. But I most definitely love my snakes. My baby burm is the cutest little guy.

Here is one of my display animals. She is a young yellow anaconda. I actually have two, but she is the nicer of the two. The other girl we bought on impulse to keep some mook kid from buying her. They are so pretty.
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aldebono 03-07-2013 08:10 AM

Wow your Yellow is pretty! I am sure the pair is thankful you got them as well!

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