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Iseul 03-05-2013 03:48 PM

Alahna's Journey
Soo..since I have a new horse, I have to have another journal since I won't take the time to write it on paper, haha.

Her statistics so far:
Registered as Buea Oak
March 8, 2006 foal (model lol)
Around 16hh (haven't measured yet)
Currently underweight
Raced from 2008-2010 with 25 starts and 5 wins
Bought for $525, asking price $600
Hopeful resale around $10k as all-around 4h and trail horse.
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Iseul 03-05-2013 07:59 PM

Okay..So, now that I have time, let's go about typing up our day.(:

Today was AMAZING. Alahna was posted up at the far side of her paddock (still in quarantine) and didn't look like she was going to come I whistled a few times before she finally decided she was going to be a great little mare and come to me at the gate.
I walked her up to the barn and got all my tack out and ready while she was tied (actually standing still for once). I brought the saddle pad over and she cowkicked (hasn't the past few not sure what was up today) and so we untied and threw the pad up and down until she got bored. Then we saddled up and waited for Copper and Raina, had a cigarette outside, paid board and set out on our way for a trail. (:
Oh my lord..perfect trail horse already. She doesn't like mud or puddles, but we had no leaps (thank goodness. I'm not suppose to be riding yet xD) and towards the end of the trail she did coil up before she stepped over.
About 20 minutes into our ride we decided to canter up two of the hills. The first hill was a LOT steeper than I thought it'd be and I don't know what exactly happened..but she didn't even canter up it, she broke into a trot before her feet even hit the hill and I think her knees buckled at the top..I thought we were going down..So, we'll just have to be careful on super steep hills. Kinda looked like the / symbol, just really short and not a long hill.
Eventually we cantered on some easier hills and she was amazing..I have NEVER been on a horse so smooth in my life. I caught a jagger thorn to the forehead at some point, but hell..who cares when you have a super smooth horse, especially up hill!!

So..we came to the top of the last up hill and discovered an old abandoned barn and shed with lovely tin roofing that blew and clanked in the wind...All I thought was "oh sh!t.." and went to grab for my horn..and then I realized she wasn't spooky at all, even though Raina was. I detoured around the spazzing Raina toward the abandoned buildings and continued on the trail running parallel to it with Raina now following behind since she was a scaredy cat.

We got to experience a quad as well..About 10 minutes prior I thought I heard a quad start up and run..didn't think anything of it when he came flying up a hill and sliding as he tried to stop before he got any closer to us. Copper tried to wave I think, but he turned around and tore off back down the hill. Raina almost crapped herself and Alahna just stood still watching the quad like she grew up around

At some point along one of our downhill parts Alahna picked up a nice tree branch to drag down with her between her legs and stuck in her tail, lol. Great thing? She just continued on like nothing was wrong, meanwhile I'm hoping she doesn't tear off kicking and bucking downhill, lol.

We got back with two very out of shape and exhausted horses about 45 minutes or so after our departure.

After we untacked and checked everyone over I brought the clippers out..I had a feeling Alahna wasn't going to remember them from the track and fly around the arena with the whole support beam the tie is I held while Copper roached her mane evenly (my scissor hackjob wasn't good enough xD).

She also LOVES the salt rock I got her for her little paddock while she's in there..she never stopped licking it from the time I hung it up, to when we left, to when we came back for my keys, and when we left from picking up my keys. Soo..hopefully it'll still be there in a few days when I go back out XD
Pictures will be in next post because I do NOT want my phone to decide to paste over this whole novel, lol.
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Iseul 03-06-2013 11:59 AM

I don't know if I'm going to be able to sell

Out on our trail, hanging back behind Copperhead and Raina:

On Raina's break since she was huffing and puffing, lol.
After we got back:

Pictures are all from yesterday, March 5, 2013.
Going up on the 8th for sure since it's her birthday :p
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Endiku 03-06-2013 12:07 PM

10k for an all around 4-H horse! Wanna sell a few of our retrained steady eddie OTTBs up there in Pennsylvania for me? xD We're having a hard time rehoming even our gorgeous HUS prospect with tons of miles on her!

LoveMyDrummerBoy 03-06-2013 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by Endiku (Post 1925289)
10k for an all around 4-H horse! Wanna sell a few of our retrained steady eddie OTTBs up there in Pennsylvania for me? xD We're having a hard time rehoming even our gorgeous HUS prospect with tons of miles on her!

10k seems like a lot. I am spending that now for a finished dressage horse with a massive amount of showing experience. Granted he's priced low because he's really hard to ride, but still.

I am selling my completely broke dressage QH now for 4k, and I have put a massive amount of work into him. He is really tolerant of nearly everything and when I put him up for 5k or ever 4.5k, I got very, very little response.

To not be so negative, I do think your horse is beautiful, and seems as though she has much potential in any direction you want to go.

Iseul 03-06-2013 02:48 PM

See..I think as long as I advertise her correctly that she'll be able to fetch somewhere near 10k.

Where I am, the 4h parents will pay top dollar for a horse that their kid can show in 4h and rated/rodeos.

From what I'm seeing in her and what I think she can turn out to be, I'm looking at a competative 4h horse (hunter/jumper and/or games), lesson horse, and have the umph to go to rodeos/rated shows..not to mention a bombproof trail horse that will lead/mingle/follow. I'm hoping she takes to the cows, but that'll just be extra.

I'm looking to get her as a finished hunter/jumper or gamer, and still haverher competative at the one she ends up less suited to.

A little black/white paint gelding ended up starting a bidding war at fair the past 3 years..One or two offered 14k for him. He's a jumping and games horse ridden by a 14yr old that also trail rides. He's definitely not perfect and he has more of an attitude than Alahna from what I've seen.

I think I plan on offering to pay for show fees and ask Donald (the Paint geldings rider) if he wants to show her for me a little after I do some myself. English anyways..he can have hard hands in games and doesn't use his legs. D:
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Iseul 03-10-2013 02:35 PM


So, went out to the barn yesterday, hoping for a solo trail to see how Alahna would do alone since she was perfect with Raina. Never happened, and I'm glad I got on in the arena first.

Alahna is lame at the trot (perfectly fine at the walk and haven't cantered in the arena yet).

She's usually fine going into a trot, but she didn't want to trot..not only that, she wouldn't stay in it either, which she usually does (since I've had her anyway).

I asked a lady at the barn if she'd watch her trot since she seemed so unbalanced to the point of her being off..Well, she's lame on her front left, where the bump on her knee is. :/

I will say right now, I know it isn't her knee. Heat was same up her legs, no tender points, etc. So, I automatically went to her hooves, because that's what I actually know a decent bit about. Her feet look great..but I took the hoof pick and tapped all around her*sole. She flinched everytime I tapped her lateral sole/white line on her front left. Went around to her right and got nothing.

So, I'm hoping to the dear horsey gods that she just has an abcess xD
I soaked her foot in epsom salts for a good 20-25 minutes. Very proud of her though, she was a bit iffy about the wash room but ended up walking right in. And she turned herself around on her own after two times of making her do it.

I'll add pictures in next post since I have to drive home
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Iseul 03-10-2013 05:37 PM

Oh, another good thing..She's finally starting to learn how to stand tied without weaving, pacing, pawing, and/or swinging her butt around. (:
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Copperhead 03-11-2013 11:26 AM

I waved at the quad rider so he'd see us and not come blasting around the corner :lol:

You and I have different ideas on what "almost crapped herself" is...Raina was uncertain and alert but she stood. I call that a win :)

Same with "spazzing"...I guess it might have looked that way, but I didn't consider her to be spazzing, especially with how she used to act when she was scared lol

Iseul 03-11-2013 06:50 PM

Lol We do have very different views between our two horses. You should have seen her eyes though..bug eyed xD

I usually use spazzing/having a fit loosely..It just depends on what is normal for the horse, lol. In your case, she was an angel for the quad since you know how she's freaked before. I don't have expectations for mine mine was a huge win just for the mere fact that I thought she'd have a coronary xD
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