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RunningJumpingHorses 03-06-2013 12:34 AM

Hunter Jumper Attire~ Totally new the whole thing and in a state of panic!!
Sooo my mind is going a thousand miles an hour because on the 16-17 there is a show I want to go to for hunters. But the big issue is attire. What do hunters wear? What are some requirements? What do judges like? I'm new to all of this and really need help. I was thinking on a coat that's around $80 from Dover for now to get by and then my dad said he would buy me a real jacket. ( buying the first out of my own pocket) I already have show shirts and breeches but only have paddock boots and half chaps. Please help anything will help! Here in a bit I'll post a pic of the jacket I was thinking about and my horse that I'm taking to the show. ANYTHING and ALL will be a huge massive help!!!

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RunningJumpingHorses 03-06-2013 12:41 AM

On Course Classic Show Coat | Dover Saddlery

Here is the show coat
And pictures of my horse are in my one and only album on my profile thing if y'all want to see her. Anyways, please help!! Much appreciated!
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