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emcne16 03-06-2013 03:31 AM

My horse has cuts on his legs and rain rot/mudfever!
Hello, I recently have bought a horse and last night we moved him into the big paddock with the herd. We weren't there to watch what happened so when we came the next day he had one smaller cut on his rump and a slit in the skin on his leg ( similiar to this but not as bad and higher up on his leg near his belly), he was also nowhere near the other horses, 2km in the paddock. How can I treat them? Also he is not limping and I have washed them out but is there anything I could put in them to treat them quickly? Another question, He also has Rain Rot (rain scalding, mudfever) other than keeping a blanket on him all the time, which I don't want to do, how can I prevent and treat it? Thankyou! (I'll try and get pictures asap)

natisha 03-06-2013 03:49 AM

If he was with the other horses my guess is he was near them at one time & got picked on a bit. It happens.
I sure hope his injury isn't as bad as the one pictured.
Is there no other horse owner out there who can help you?
There are lots of rain rot threads here which can help answer your questions or just wait & people that know about that will show up.

emcne16 03-06-2013 04:08 AM

You're right, seeing as it was his first time being in a paddock with them, I saw him getting chased and bitten a few times. I sure hope its not, but it looks okay. Unfortunately I board him at my friends house, in an 80 acre paddock. Its not a barn, and the owners are never home (I think thats what you call it in America). I'll definitely have a look for more threads, i left his blanket off tonight in the light rain to see what happens, at least I will know how bad it is and hopefully his cuts can get some oxygen and heal a little overnight. Thankyou! :)

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