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ZipSilkyMachine 03-06-2013 11:05 AM

Boots for lunging??
Hey there,

Someone at the barn recently recommended that I get some boots for my horse for lunging/working. Not bell boots, but like splint/sports med/brushing boots that cover the tendons. My horse never hits himself anywhere while in motion so are they still necessary? I always thought they were just for external protection, not internal. But she told me that they provide support for the tendons...then I read somewhere on yahoo that they can actually damage the tendons. So anyway, I would love to keep my horse as supple and healthy as possible and if these boots really do help somehow by protecting the tendons, I would be willing to try them out.

What are your thoughts??

jaydee 03-06-2013 12:06 PM

Horses can damage themselves as much if not more when lunging especially if you have shoes on them so I do tend to use light boots to protect against injury - easier to put on than polo wraps
They will support the tendons too, its if they get the legs too hot and sweaty that the risks come into factor. Check out the Pegasus air boots as they dont seem to heat up or the Back on Track exercise boots as they are pretty unique in their features

NaeNae87 03-06-2013 11:51 PM

The competion stable I work at uses Roma open front jump boots and fetlock boots when the eventers are ridden/lunged and polo wraps and pads when the dressage horses are ridden and lunged.

If put on incorrectly, boots or bandages can damage the tendons, however when used correctly they do provide protection and support. Like strapping your ankle before exercise if you have ankle problems, or wearing shin pads playing soccor... They offer extra protection and support for your legs and joints.

I use open fronts on both my horses for general riding and lunging for leg and tendon protection, especially as one of my horses has an old suspensory ligament injury. I use polo wraps when in lessons and when increasing the intensity of work to add a bit of extra support. If I didn't already have the bandages and pads though, I would probably use dressage wraps or brushing boots.

I don't like the sports medicine boots as they are made out of neoprene which isn't breathable and gets hot quickly - which isn't good for the tendons and ligaments. I also don't like how they come down under the fetlock joint, which IMO restricts the ROM of the joint. Just like trying to exercise in a wetsuit...

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