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BeachinIt 03-07-2013 10:33 PM

Horse critique, flatwork
Here goes nothing! I got a short video of me riding...not terribly great quality, but I think it's fine for just seeing how my greenie's doing. Please let me know what you think! Just her, not me, unless I'm negatively affecting how she's going :-) I was working on 1: just getting her over the pole (it took awhile!) 2: keeping a steady, calm pace, 3: "letting go" of that cursed inside rein!! I'm so dependent on it because until now, I never learned anything except to use inside rein to turn and bend, and forget about the outside! 4: keeping steady hands. Apparently I never once thought to sit up straight, because MAN am I tilted forward. In my dressage saddle, too! Though I think it tends to tip me forward some, anyway.

Anyhow, if you can tell anything about how she's moving and what her dressage potential is, please share! :D

Also, it does zoom in about a minute into it.

I wasn't sure whether to put this in riding critique or confo critique :-/

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