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CatResearchStudent 03-08-2013 08:24 AM

Stallion Turnout
Hi Everyone
Some of you may already know that I am a Research Student studying stallion management.
After conducting a survey into management I am looking for further information on some points.
How are your stallions turned out? alone, with mares, geldings, youngstock etc? and why do you choose this management method? would you do it differently given the option?


dbarabians 03-09-2013 04:44 PM

My stallion is kept in a separate pen from the mares and no geldings are allowed near him.
If I could I would allow him to run with the mares that he is to breed and their foals if they have any.
I do not allow this because we use barbed wire for most of the fencing and with over 28 horses I know he would test the fence if he saw any in another pasture.
when we rotate pastures the different herds sometimes are in adjacent pastures.
Now that I am at another property with my stallion and a few mares there are other horses in the pastures next to my property. Mares that are not bred and geldings . IMO that is a recipe for disaster. As my friend Faceman pointed out I learned that a stallion will go to any length to breed most mares, While in a round pen Star mounted a mare on the other side of the panel and his hind legs were dangling inside the round pen while front legs were planted firmly on the ground on the outside of the pen. He looked like he had taken a Jump at a steeple chase and got stuck on the fence. The panels for the roundpen were metal and 6 ft tall. Shalom

greentree 03-09-2013 07:29 PM

My stallion has a pen by himself. He has been kept with a bred mare, then pasture bred to a mare with a baby, and kept an old mare who needed company in her last months. I tried turning a gelding out with him, but he ate the geldings mane. No violence, though, but my stallion is so gentle I would put a two-year-old child on him.


drafts4ever 03-10-2013 03:46 PM

My stallion has two pastures to himself and his pony friend James a 12 hand welsh gelding. He also goes out in the back larger pasture with my big Belgian gelding Sammy for some bigger run around space if I take my mares to a show. This is mainly for Sammy since he doesn't like being in the huge pasture by himself and he won't fit with Lestat and James so I just throw all the boys out together when the girls aren't home. His fencing is 6 foot vinyl with hot wire on the inside and the outside. The mares are two pastures away with double hot wire. Lucky for me they think he's disgusting and he has no idea he's a stud yet but I'm taking precautions now.

liv885 03-11-2013 08:32 PM

I have never owned a stallion but my friend use to have a Clydesdale stallion and the stables I ride at have a Morgan Stallion.
The clydesdale was kept out in a large paddock probably around 4 acres with electric fences. As he was born and raised on her farm she kept him with a collection of different animals such as sheep, goats, cattle and ducks. Sometimes he was turned out with her old gelding or paddock next to him and other horses.
The morgan is in a busy stables, he is in the upper yard which is quite small with a shelter. No horses or animals are right next door to him but within sight distance and is close to where all the horses are groomed and tacked up. I feel that his housing has added to some behavioural issues that he has.

Rumonek 03-11-2013 08:36 PM

My latest stallion was housed alone but could be stalled/pastured/trailered etc... with any other sex horse.

My older stallion can be kept with mares/foals/geldings without issue. It has a lot to do with how they were brought up. I would never purchase a stallion that has grown up un-socialized.

PunksTank 03-11-2013 09:41 PM

The stallion at my rescue is kept in his own paddock, roughly fenced (mix of wood and electric). There are mares and geldings in bordering paddocks that he bickers with and/or grooms. Never had an issue. IMO he's been all the better for it.

Lokenzo 03-12-2013 07:51 PM

My boy has always had his 'gelding buddy.' He is paddocked in his own paddock but has his gelding buddy to talk to over the fence which is electric. I wouldn't change it at this stage, none of mine are paddocked together as they are all competition horses and have taken enough skin off each other in the past but none of them are ever isolated.

WSArabians 03-13-2013 04:26 PM

I kept the one stallion with the mares he was breeding, and my young colt with the bred mares to learn some manners and to learn how to be social.
The older stallion is by himself now, but he has access to mares.

Adenfire 03-13-2013 07:17 PM

My stallion is kept with my gelding, I kept his son and him together (both stallions) before we had to put the son down due to an injury. I have handled stallions that are kept alone and ones that are in a "herd" situation (2+ horses) and much prefer the latter...they tend to be mentally healthier. NOT saying that some stallions are better/safer/happier alone, just that from personal experience ones in a buddy situation are happier.

My mare is either in the pen next to them (she LOVES my gelding) or when she is in heat on the other side of the yard because she is a hussy. My stallion could care less, he doesn't put up the effort to breed unless they are on the same side of the fence...but he's quirky.

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