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BigBenLoverforLife 03-08-2013 11:52 AM

Chain Mouth Bits?
Hello! I have been wondering about chain mouth bits, how harsh are they? I know they are used alot in barrel racers and always wondered about there harshness. I have been looking about a combo bit and I cant find one with a french link. My horse works great with a hack, but needs that bit there for turns so I thought it would be a good bit to try out.. soo I couldnt find one. So I was looking at something like this. Western SS Chain Combination Hackamore -

Or I may just stick something like this on his Happy Mouth French Link...

Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Rope Nose 11in -

Thanks!! :)

BigBenLoverforLife 03-08-2013 04:38 PM


smrobs 03-08-2013 06:02 PM

Chain mouth bits can work just fine...on a horse that likes that much motion in their mouth with a rider that knows how to ride in a chain mouth.

Unfortunately, bits like that are sold to every jane, sue, and molly that want one, regardless of whether they know how to use them or not.

Chain bits are about like twisted bit; they have their place, but in the wrong hands or on the wrong horse, they can not only inflict pain, but do actual damage pretty easily.

Also, that first hack combo that you posted is awfully powerful when you're just stepping up from a french link snaffle. It's got some really long shanks on it and some pretty massive gag action.

If I were looking to upgrade my horse from a french link snaffle into a combo bit of some kind, I'd likely start with something like this...
DUTTON BITS - Dutton Dogbone Gag w/ Rope Nose Bit -

Ring Combination Rope Nose Hackamore - Reinsman

Neither one of them is something that I would really want to use on any of my horses, but they are about the mildest versions of a snaffle/hack combo I could find.

Have you thought about maybe trying a full cheek snaffle with the same mouth you're using now? That will give you a bit more lateral control without upping the power.

cowgirl4753 03-08-2013 06:41 PM

I'm just wondering why you think you need a combo bit. Why not just try a junior cowhorse or something with small shanks on it. A friend of mine tried this route with the combo bit and just ended up with more problems.the gelding refused to run or go onto turns because he was scared of that bit ripping on him. She has now completely taken the bit out and went back to running in a hack and he is back running 1d times. Myself I run in a twisted snaffle. My mare works great in it and has great turns and feels comfortable enough running with it without worrying about me ripping on her.
Just my 2 cents :-)
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