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Zanesgirl 10-06-2008 02:56 AM

Does anyone know about calves?
Hi Guys,

The property im moving to has 2 Jersey cows, 2 heifer calves at foot and a rather large and lanky looking bull which i believe is friesan (sp?).

My question is, i need to handle them and quieten them so that i can a) drench them, and b) ear tag them, plus give them a once over to see that they are doing okay.

problem is, there are NO yards on this place. we're going to build some, but i'd like to start quietening them down in the meantime. if i was feeding out hay daily, do you think that would help?
they are very fearful of people, and i am the first person that the two calves have seen.

any advice would be great guys!

DashAwayAll 10-06-2008 06:07 AM

Food works wonders. Plain on offering grain to the calves after a week or two of age. ( we start offering them grain at 3-5 days.)

It even helps if you wear the same clothing or same type of clothing, i.e. if your wear a ball cap, keep wearing it. Bovine eyesight is not the best.

Cows are curious and will investigate you... just move slowly, don't look them in the eye. Great places to scratch when they will let you is the indentation on the poll ( behind the horn ridge- they can't reach that) and long scratches along the neck. Between the pins, but only after they trust you! Do you have a bag of lime around? Cows LOVE that. Lightly dust your arms or part of your clothes and they'll lick you like a salt lick. :D

The first thing I would build would be a small corral with stocks - and a walk through headlock.

Do NOT play with the bull. I have been hammered by one, and quite honestly will not keep one around if I can help it.

Jersey cows are milkers, so they should have been handled ..... to be milked. Unless they are cross breeds? Do you have pics?

A Friesian ya mean ? That would be a Holstein-Friesian, a "regular" black and white "kitchen cow." You wouldn't usually breed a guy like that to a Jersey - the calves would be too big and would plug Momma. Ya sure he is a bull and not a steer? ( Does he have testicles? Unlike a horse, bull testicles are very easy to see.)

Dumas'_Grrrl 10-06-2008 10:19 AM

WOW... I was gonna offer my 2 cents but Dashie's got ya heading in the right direction...... :wink:

Be carefull of the bull...I have been nailed by one myself and even trapped under the truck while the bull circled it...boy I upset him that day. :oops: Have the dent in the truck to prove it! :shock:

Good Luck and safety first! :wink:

Kentucky 10-06-2008 06:14 PM

If you try feed , the cows and the bull will most likely want some too. But, above alll be careful.

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