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Horsecrazy4ever 03-08-2013 10:31 PM

what do you think of this Standard Bred ?
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What do you think of this Standard Bred?
He is 17 years and around 15.3hh
Doesn't gallop(duh) lol
He lived with the Mennonites all of his life,pulling a cart and being ridden, until the past year.

What do you think a horse like this would cost? And does the shape of his head bother you?

I know nothing of this breed :?

DraftyAiresMum 03-08-2013 10:37 PM

He's roman nosed for sure.

His neck either could use some muscle or he's pretty ewe-necked.

His back appears long.

Hard to tell anything else with the saddle on.

I'd probably wouldn't pay more than $800 for him in this market.
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toto 03-08-2013 10:38 PM

Hes got an ewe/knife neck.. his head looks big.. but its prolly just the roman nose.
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DraftyAiresMum 03-08-2013 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by toto (Post 1929565)
Hes got an ewe/knife neck.. his head looks big.. but its prolly just the roman nose.
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And the angle of the camera.
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Country Woman 03-09-2013 12:21 AM

His head is to big. his neck looks to short

oobiedoo 03-09-2013 03:19 AM

I do think some of it is tbe camera angle and Standardbreds aren't known for having pretty heads :) but that being said, you can't ride looks, and most Standies have a Great
temperament. Is the horse underweight at all? When I got my mare she was thin and I thought her head and ears looked huge, so much so that I named her Judy Judy Big Ears. Now I'm withering used to looking at her or she grew into them. Either way she's here to stay cause she is so totally sensible and chilled out. I've just had to accept that no matter how much I feed her she will never look like a big bootie quarter horse LOL. There's photos of her on my personal page here. There are some good websites for Standardbred pleasure horses, the go western pleasure, huntseat, jump, really versatile horses which most people don't know until they get one and start googling the far as price goes, it depends on the individual horse. The usual things like age, health and training but I wouldn't place a lot of value on papers. You're not going to race the horse at this age and they're not a real popular breed so if you're buying it to keep just consider what you see in front of you. Yes, they can gallop and canter, he just wasnt allowed to while pulling a cart. Watch him in a pasture or teach him to lunge, he can do it.
There are more posts on this breed on the forum, search for those. But really most of them have incredibly good dispositions and learn quick.If Judy's any indication they're very hardy healthy horses too.
Good luck. I love mine, nothing upsets this mare.

Tracer 03-09-2013 04:14 AM


Originally Posted by Horsecrazy4ever (Post 1929553)
Doesn't gallop(duh) lol

Oooh the evil stereotype.

Conformation wise he isn't amazing, and many people would call him ugly.

But Standardbreds are well known for being amazing horses that CAN canter/gallop and can partake in any range of activities. If you won't be doing anything that requires a drop dead gorgeous horse with perfect conformation, he's probably amazing.

In Australia, he'd probably be worth anything up to $1000 depending on his education.

HowClever 03-09-2013 06:21 AM

I can all but guarantee you that he can and does gallop. Never met a standardbred who couldn't or wouldn't.

That aside. The head is not pretty, but that is aesthetics and doesn't effect whether he's a good horse or not. His neck more than anything to me looks incorrectly muscled, tons of muscling underneath, but nothing on top.

Now part of it could be the angle of the photo, but I am NOT a fan of that hind end at all. He looks pretty long through the gaskin and the cannon, which is making him pretty badly camped out.

TimberRidgeRanch 03-09-2013 06:49 AM

Can I ask what his registered name is? He looks like a horse I groomed at the tracks names Chevy Silverado. He does have the classic STB looks. If he is a retired race horse his neck muscling is going to be different then a riding horse because they are trained to carry their head up not down. They dont flex at the pole.

Horsecrazy4ever 03-09-2013 07:17 AM

Thank you for all of the information!
He was never raced...he lived with the Mennonites for 16 years.

I've got a questoin: The lady says that he is registered, but that the papers were lost in a car crash..... is it possible to see his bloodlines ONLINE? He registered name is : "WIN SOME TRUST"

Could anyone find him for me and post the link? Thank you for all the help :-)

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