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oobiedoo 03-09-2013 02:11 AM

pony with chest wound, what now ?
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Ok, tried to attach 2 photos, one of the wound right after it happened, another of the wound after the vet stitched it up. She's been on stall rest, bute and antibiotics, stitches were removed yesterday, day 11. The vet said to hose it with cold water, clean with betadine solution and continue stall rest for now.
When checking on it today there is a little drainage still and now that the stitches are out one corner top/center is kinda opening up. Vet said it probably will lose some of the skin and get some proud flesh. Well never having had a wound like this before I was really really hoping that the skin flap would stay as stitched and hair would grow back and it would be that easy. In the meantime I've done some reading here that said "dont cold water hose the wound, this will stimulate growth of proud flesh" so all I did today was take some gauze squares and dribble some betadine solution mixed in warm water down the wound, tried not to rub any.
I hate to appear dumb but I've never dealt with this before. I've got some Farnam triple care ointment , haven't used yet, and Ive ordered some Manuka honey, should be here tomorrow, heard it was really good stuff. I don't know after what I've read here should I hose the wound or don't hose, use the honey or the ointment and where ? just around the stitch line ? she does'nt appear to be having any discomfort with it, used the bute in the beginning. Had given 7 days of antibiotic as suggested and then they said yesterday to do another 7 days. What would you do now ? I've never had proud flesh on anything, not even sure what it looks like, if the skin starts to slough off do I leave it alone or cut it or pull it off, will it come off by itself ? Like I said I know nothing about this type of wound, only that when it happened I knew right away that it wasn't anything I could handle so I called the vet, they came and stitched her up. The vet tech did cold water hose the wound to keep the skin wet until the vet got here so they could stitch it back. Please help, what's the best way to treat this wound ? Thanks a bunch.

stevenson 03-09-2013 02:16 AM

do as the Vet said. I cared for a colt that had a t post barbed wire in the chest, hosed it out and used forget the name of the stuff(?) on it.. Betadine is much milder than the stuff I the Vet had me use on the colt. The colt has no visible to scar , and you can only feel about 1 " scar.

clairegillies 03-09-2013 03:01 AM

well it needs to be kept clean, trickle warm water or cold water hose, whatever you prefer as long as you do it. I would not put the honey on it till its knitted, and the stiches come out probably, my reason for that is that as you put it on and try to rub it you will be pulling the skin too much and disrupt the healing that is trying to go on.
it looks a horrible injury. poor horse and poor you , what a fright you must have got. the stitched up picture shows a good job from your vet.

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