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prettypony 03-11-2013 12:47 PM

Board Contract
I couldn't find a thread specifically dedicated to actual board contracts, so forgive me if it's already out there.

Storytime: I have been keeping my horse on someone elses property for the last couple months, and everything has been working out great. The property owner is very easygoing, and there is only one other boarder (a 20-something old gelding living out his retirement). We have never had a written contract, although it was something I proposed when we first met.

Recently, the owner had a bunch of horses moved into her field. They were only supposed to be there for a couple days while some construction happened, but somehow they are still here a month later. The owner then found out that only 2 are owned by the girl who moved them all (5 total), 3 were being boarded there. The owner is getting really upset because she hasn't been paid fully for the 3, and can't get in touch with the owner, while the 2 have been paid up for (finally) and are supposedly being moved out this week. Supposedly the owner of 3 had paid up for her board and it was a surprise to her that they had been moved off the property.
I don't know the whole story, there are at least 3 different sides to it I'm sure, and it's not my business.

Moral of the story is, get it in writing. In light of the whole thing, I have now written up a board agreement for both of us to sign. It is very basic, covering what I will pay for board, and that I will pay for vet, farrier and extra feed, and in exchange I will receive adequate care for my horse while on the property. It also covers that I am exchanging work for board. I have also added stipulations about moving the horse (30 days notice for me to leave, 30 days for her to notify me if the horse is being moved off the property).
I know there are more things I could add, for liability and insurance. Should I include a picture of my horse, or one of those diagrams where you colour in their markings?
Does anyone have any contracts they would like to share?

starlinestables 03-11-2013 11:35 PM

Just be as specific as possible. You boarding agreement should include:

Who supplies the grain and how much? Up to how many lbs per day? What are the feed times? Will supplements be fed for free or charged extra and who supplies what.

Who supplies the hay and how much? Same as above.

Stall access? How long and when? Weather permitting or out during a certain time regardless of weather? If pasture boarded, is stall an option if need be? if so, how much per day when in a stall? Up to how many bags of shavings a month?

30 days notice to leave? change rates?

Barn hours? Is there trailer parking? If your horse runs through the fence and destroys stalls who is paying?

Outside trainers aloud? what about guests? helmets? You need to ask yourself what could you possibly get into an argument over and put that in your contract.

I can't tell you how many times I've updated my boarding agreement and barn rules after particular incidents.

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