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BarrelRacer67 03-11-2013 08:52 PM

Our 2nd race of the year!

Can y'all see that video? If not, PM me.

He shaved off 1.2 seconds off his best time in this arena and was .01 out of the 4D money at his second race!! :D We're working on it but we had a weird bobble at second barrel because I have to take him into it wider and he wanted to dive in to murder it and I wasn't letting him. So that slowed us down alot but I'm still super proud of him! I'm going to start getting him back into shape and I'm putting him on vitamins and a red blood cell builder to help him run harder. He just needs to learn to run hard and stretch out. But our next race is the 30th, at an outdoor arena and he's always done better outside so we'll see how he runs there :-)

Oh, and ignore the screaming. That's my friend/trainer and y'all know how barrel racers are ;)

beau159 03-12-2013 11:20 AM

Not bad!

But I would definately push DEEPER in your turns before you ask your horse to turn. Indoor arenas will often give a horse the tendency to turn too soon, so you've really gotta watch it. He loses most of his momentum and speed in the turn, which slows you down. Don't let him turn too soon.

And is he NOT in shape right now? (Since you said you need to get him back into shape.) My horses personally don't see the barrels unless they ARE in shape, because you increase the risk of injury when asking a horse to run hard that's not fit to do so.

BarrelRacer67 03-12-2013 12:43 PM

Yeah, that was our problem on 2nd barrel plus him slipping going into it. He's definitely better and a whole heck of alot smoother then he was in the last video I showed y'all and we're working on it, haha! And it's not that he's not in shape now, he could be in better shape and he just needs to keep building up muscles. He's completely capable of running hard now, but he could be better :)

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