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rexing93 03-12-2013 11:07 AM

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On March 9th, 2013 I was faced with a very hard and upsetting decision to euthanize my Cambodian Crowntail, Pascal.

Pascal was the second Betta that I had purchased from the Wal-Mart down the road from my house. He and the other Betta I purchased from there were the only two Bettas I've had pass from illnesses. Long story short, I have decided to "boycott" that particular Wal-Mart when it comes to Bettas and after having to euthanize Pascal my friend came down to visit me for the day...and she brought me a rather late Christmas present.

Without further-ado, meet Felix!

Felix is a blue/yellow Crowntail male and I'm proud to say he's completely healthy and doing great!(:
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*Since Felix is healthy (eating, no fungal/bacterial problems, etc), I will be adding in his gravel and decor soon (either today or tomorrow). So don't worry, his tank won't be bare for long ^-^

If you're interested in seeing Pascal, you can view him here:

*Note: My other Betta, Ozwald, that's shown in the forum with Pascal is still happy and healthy(:

Thanks for looking! :D

DraftyAiresMum 03-12-2013 11:28 AM

Sorry to hear about Pascal. :-( It's always hard to lose one.

Felix is beautiful, though!

Just as an aside, I NEVER buy fish from Walmart. I've only had success with two I've bought there (both not was my BN pleco, Percy, who recently passed after three years, and the other was a yoyo loach I named Lucky because he survived a tank meltdown, my dad emptying the tank without realizing there was a fish still alive in it, and ick in my big tank).
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rexing93 03-12-2013 12:06 PM

Thank you, DraftyAires!

I've purchased three other Bettas from a Wal-Mart when I was out of state at a university and all of them lived happy, healthy lives--but I just haven't had any luck with the Wal-Mart down the road so I'm not going to take any chances again. :S Two fish both passing within 4-10 days of purchase and the only common thing was where I bought them is just a bit too coincidental. And I highly doubt that they had two poor shipments. :3 But since I live in a larger city, I'll stick with the couple pet stores that have a good rep. with healthy fish ^-^

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