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SunnyMeadeFarm 03-13-2013 09:28 AM

Thinking about getting a Donkey
So, we have always joked about getting a Mini Donkey and thought someday, but now it seems like a realistic possibility, and I just want some opinions or tips on getting one or if I should get one at all.

Firstly, I have a Mini horse and a 13h Pony currently. Both we have had for a few years.
For a week every summer we run a large petting zoo at the local county fair. We bring our mini Echo along and the kids love her, we have always wanted to find someone who had a donkey that we could put in an exhibit. But the only person willing with a well mannered donkey breeds them and in the time frame we would need she always says that the Jennet she would give us is pregnant and she doesn't want her there, so we think we would like to just get our own Mini Donkey.

A good friend of ours has a pair of Mini Donkeys and would we willing to help us with any issues, we also have amble field/pasture room but our barn set up is a single large free to go in-out stall and I am worried if we added a donkey we might need a little more coverage like a lean-to on the other side of the field, would that be a good idea?

My mini is in training to drive and if I were to adopt a donkey her size do you think I could use the same harness? because its a fully adjustable synthetic harness, I would obviously probably use a separate bit that was proper for him/her.

So pretty much what is your opinion on the situation, should we get a donkey? They are quite common around here and there are multiple places that sell miniatures or have connections to send us to.
What should I look for in a good mini donkey for our petting zoo since that will be his/her main 'job'. I assume a nice mannered gentle donkey, I have heard its hard to find one who is not kind, any other tips?

also, I keep saying His/Her because I am not sure what I want! My pony who is more submissive is a Gelding and my Mini who is dominant and bossy is a mare, so should I get a Jennet or Gelding? I know I don't want a Jack since it will be a pet and I don't care to breed.

I would just love an outside opinion, thanks is advance for any advice you have to offer!

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