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chelz 03-13-2013 01:45 PM

Where to go next with a Bachelor's in Business Administration?
Hello everyone. I have known for a while that I would like a career in the horse industry. In college, I decided to take a more conservative route and leave more options open, and in December I will be graduating with my Bachelor's in Business Administration. Before that, I already got my Associate's in Business Management. This has given me all the basics on running a business, accounting, marketing, etc. Now, I'm trying to figure out what my next steps are. I have quite a bit of experience with horses. I own 3 of them which I've had since 2009, and I have recently gotten into showing my Quarter Horse at local shows (definitely a beginner at this though!) But I'm very used to the daily schedule of taking care of horses. I have worked as a stable hand on a couple of farms, mucking stalls and whatnot as well. I have also written articles for a horseracing website in my free time.
I have such a broad interest in the horse industry. I prefer the Thoroughbred industry over everything else, and in that area I'm interested especially in marketing, bloodstock, stallion management, horseracing journalism, photography or video editing, and farm management. Outside the Thoroughbred industry I'd also be interested in things like running a small breeding operation, managing a stable, etc. So basically I'm not too picky! I just wondered what I should do next. I would kind of like to do something broad (like my degree in Business Administration) that involves horses so I'm not tied down to a particular thing. Right now I have a steady job at a Navy Base that will become full-time when I graduate, so I can save money for a while as I'm working on my dreams in the horse world. What would you guys recommend I do next? Should I go after some type of certification in equine management? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

DancingArabian 03-13-2013 02:37 PM

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I think you should get a part time job or working student type position at a barn or equine related business (like a promoter or accountint firm) to get experience. It's much easier to narrow things down once you've actually been exposed to it and the business end of it. Find a place that will let you work during your free time and go from there. You may find that you really hate fussing over stallion pictures or the chaos that sometimes comes from trying to get a mare impregnated. You might find you prefer a particular kind of racing. You never know!
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