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TrojanCowgirl 03-13-2013 02:45 PM

Keeping my horse BLACK
I just recently got my dream horse... 6 y/o Black QH mare. She's all black with two spotted white pasterns and a star, stripe and snip. This summer, my goal is to keep her BLACK. My other black mare would always turn a blackish bay, even tho she really was black due to the sun.

What are some tips that you can give me for keeping her mane and body BLACK?
I would like to avoid hair dye if at all possible, but what are the best brands of color enhancing shampoo/conditioner, supplements, grooming, etc you can think of?

She's kept on a good diet in a partially covered outdoor stall. Always has access to shade, doesn't mean she'll always stand in the shade lol. We also go horse camping quite a bit and go on long trail rides... really want to avoid sun bleaching. Any advice? :) Thank you!

BarrelRacingLvr 03-13-2013 02:58 PM

I have had great success with Paprika...but also a UV Fly sheet is just as good.

This is my dark brown mare on Paprika...

2+ weeks of not being on it after I forgot to re-order.

franknbeans 03-13-2013 03:02 PM

There is no 100% way of keeping them black unless you keep them in all the time. Best option I have found is in during the day-out at night. Supplements and shampoos help, but avoiding the sun is really the only way.

Breezy2011 03-13-2013 03:03 PM

I have the same goal as you! 6 months ago I got my dream horse, a Black quarter horse with a star, snip and 1 blue eye.

My tips to you:
-blanket her in a light, white UV fly sheet. I am going to buy a Kool Coat light summer fly sheet, it will keep her cool, keep flies away, and keep her black! (Black horses do better in winter, because black attracts the sun)
-I have heard of paprika keeping there fur black... it might be to late to try it, but if you do try it, stop before a show, about a week before, because it will show up in a drug test. (I am not trying this, this year)
-Black As Knight shampoo, I will be trying this in the summer.

The main thing I will be trying though, is keeping a blanket on her, that will most likely help the most, but if you want her whole body black, get a hood too, or fly mask for her face.

I am also very interested in what others have to say

TrojanCowgirl 03-14-2013 03:44 PM

What about a sunscreen spray? If I wash her in color enhancing black shampoo, feed her paprika and put sunscreen on her coat? I can't do a UV ray blanket because she'd sweat too much underneath it.

TrojanCowgirl 03-14-2013 03:56 PM

I think I got myself a nice strategy...

Dark Horse Nu-image supplement
Daark as Knight or Quic Black Shampoo
Coat Sunscreen
UV Ray Fly Mask
Keep Mane in sunscreen and braided
Put tail in tail bag with extensions to swish away flies
A little extensive, but do you think it'll get the job done?

Breezy2011 03-14-2013 04:06 PM

A UV protection blanket won't make her sweaty if you get the right one, it will actually keep her cooler on really hot days, because her black coat won't attract the sun as much.

And I think you got a good plan, but you cannot wash her too much, and do not braid her mane tightly, it will irritate her, and she will try and rub it, eventually cutting off her mane in certain spots.

Black Beauty 94 03-14-2013 11:23 PM

I have been trying to keep my guy black too :)
The best things you can do have already been listed...
UV sheet and mask (I would suggest Kensington)
Braiding mane and tail with sunscreen
Fly boots
Paprika/smart dark and handsome
Shampoo made for black horses

I think I can win the battle against the brown this year!!
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Chiilaa 03-15-2013 07:46 AM

Wash the sweat off her too. Sweat will bleach the coat just like the sun will.

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