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Dusty and Olivia 03-13-2013 10:40 PM

New horse new theory
I have just got a new horse that has had no traing(i love training)
and thought he could be a good oppurtunity to test out a new theory of mine, how to ride with out a bridle, I already ride with bitless bridles(i am against bits) my method is
~start riding with rope around neck
~start steering using rope and reins
~start steering using rope and loose reins
~take off bridle and only use rope
Could this work, will be happy for any comments
Thank you

loosie 03-14-2013 01:41 AM

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Yes, that's a way to go about it. You forgot about seat & leg aids though, which IMO they should also learn.:wink: I use mostly my seat, legs & bodylanguage to 'steer' or to stop, start, speed, etc, and use the reins if/when needed for backing up my 'asks'.

After teaching a horse to yield to pressure in a variety of ways on the ground, including being 'led' from his side & directed with a string around his neck, if I've got a small, safe area to ride(often I don't & won't ride with just a string when out & about), I will start the horse under saddle like that. Otherwise I'll start in a halter, but yes, I usually have a string around the horse's neck that I use instead of reins where possible.

Sis 03-17-2013 08:45 PM

That could definitely work. Like loosie said, make sure you teach him leg and seat aids too though! I teach my horses to turn and stop with my legs right away. It's very useful for them to learn, and then you can teach them to turn and stop with cues from the rope around the neck, or anything else you want.

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