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itsjustme 03-15-2013 01:18 PM

Am I wrong about it being dangerous
My husband was walking the field (3-4 acres) that will be pasture for my horses when we move up to Illinois. It has a hole in the ground, about 1 - 1 1/2 feet across and about 12-16 inches deep. I said it needed to be filled in so a horse doesn't step in it and hurt a leg or worst of all, break a leg. **His** brother said it wouldn't hurt a horse cause it is not deep enough to hurt a horse, and nothing needs to be done and it can be left as is.

Am I wrong? I still want it filled it, but hubby insists his **brother said it couldn't hurt a horse**.

His brother's expertise with horses? An old pony (20+ years old) someone gave them, and it got out of the fencing he put up for it. It got loose on their 130 acres, in the winter, and he figured it would just come home. It (or rather, what was left of it) was found that spring, dead. :-(

No, they never rode the pony, nor spent time with it, nor did anything with it. Just put it in a fenced in area next to a pond for water. The pony was given to them in the late fall, and they only had a month or two before it got out.

Speed Racer 03-15-2013 01:19 PM

Tell your hubby the hole needs filled in, end of discussion.

Corporal 03-15-2013 01:21 PM

I live in central IL--Longview. We are currently in our season of mud. Not too dangerous, but it can be repaired with a shovel. Just dig around it, fill it in so it turns into a rut or a depression, instead of a hole. =D
If I had this hole, it would take me a couple of days of stall cleaning to level it out. =b

wetrain17 03-15-2013 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by Speed Racer (Post 1939154)
Tell your hubby the hole needs filled in, end of discussion.


PunksTank 03-15-2013 01:21 PM

So sad about the pony.
I get exactly what you mean - my stupid paddock is FILLED with gopher holes! I hate gophers!! To bad they're so stinking cute. I have bags of gravel/sand mix that I fill them with - I'll sometimes cover entrances with large rocks so it's harder for the gopher to open it up.
I wouldn't leave any hole big enough for a hoof to fit in.

Corporal 03-15-2013 01:24 PM

I had to fill in post holes after my 2008 new fencing was put in. I cleaned out the cat's inside litter and filled those in with that. (Gotta go somewhere.) These were far more dangerous, 8 inches in diameter and several feet deep. 'O'

Clava 03-15-2013 01:24 PM


Originally Posted by Speed Racer (Post 1939154)
Tell your hubby the hole needs filled in, end of discussion.

Yes that /\

BarrelracingArabian 03-15-2013 01:30 PM

Yupp if he wont do it then go do it yourself. Considering how accident prone horses are I wouldnt leave it period. Many great ideas to fill it in :]

Copperhead 03-15-2013 01:33 PM

How hard would it be to fill a hole? Seriously. Tell him to fill it. Happy wife, happy life. Happy brother? Um...I see no up or down side to that. He doesn't have to live with his brother.

If it were me, I'd tell him to fill it or I would. And if I had to fill it, he'll never hear the end of how a 12" hole was so hard to fill that a woman had to do it.

Annanoel 03-15-2013 01:39 PM

I wouldn't even risk it, tell him to fill it or you do it yourself. I'd rather have my horses safe at this point and I'm sure he'd like to have a happy wife.

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